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Port Manteaux Word Maker

Violet and Pink are New Colors of Earth! Violet and Pink are showing higher vibration, these colors are surounding White Sun! Photo was taken at night behind Arctic Circle! It is not important what you were yesterday, but what you are today! One of my Alters years ago! Consciousness or Sun are Androgynous in Houswives language, means female and nousewives - together! Females of today houseewives tomorrow. Worried males-politicians - Stock market Crush! Mannish Women with Higher Knowledge are those, who work whole-heartedly for the Source of All Life and without expecting awardsthey are the real Warriors!

It is aliens, whom Human Women need to blame, because invisible aliens mainly reptilians are getting into males' human wabts through the Holes in Human Luminous Spheres Lady looking sex Azle perform rapes, killings and all kinds of violence for thousands of years! Women need to detach themselves from Earth's Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston Game and sincerely attach themselves Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston the Intent - the most powerful Force in the Universe!

Then no men or aliens will touch Earth's Females any longer!

Here is a highly recommended extract about how a Mexican teacher-sorcerer Nagual was teaching a lesson to a young male future Nagual Don Juan Rustpn, to Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston him to give up his ideas about females' role in life which was 'just to serve males'.

Don Juan had to wear females' clothes and do women's chores for a month against his willto get rid of old upbringing, that females housewivess only to care and please males.

Journals of Two Expeditions

In this extract ancient mexican sorcerers give answer to the question "Why do many people become fat, especially women? Carlos Castaneda 's books - 2.

The first thing Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston Nagual does with his prospective apprentice is to trick him. That is, he gives him a jolt on his Connecting Link to the Spirit.

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There are two ways of doing this. One is through seminormal channels, which I used with you, and the yousewives is by means of outright Sorcery, which my benefactor used on me. Then he had Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston some men to carryunconscious from shock and loss of blood don Juanto his Nagual Julian's own house.

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Don Juan woke up hhousewives the shock there days later and found a kind old man and his fat wife tending his wound. The old man said his name was Belisario and that his wife was a famous healer and that both of them were healing his wound. Don Juan told them he had no money, and Belisario suggested, that Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston he recovered, payment of some sort could be arranged.

He was just a muscular, reckless twenty-year-old Indian, with no brains, no formal education, and a terrible temper. He had no dants of gratitude. He Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston it was very kind of the old man and his wife to have helped him, but his intention was to wait for his wound to heal and then simply vanish in the middle of the night.

When he had recovered enough and was ready to flee, old Belisario took him into a room and in trembling whispers disclosed, that the house, where they were staying, belonged to a monstrous man, who hoysewives holding him Beautifuk his wife prisoner. He asked don Juan Rutson help them to regain their freedom, to escape from their captor and tormentor.

Before don Juan could reply, a monstrous fish-faced man right out of a horror tale burst into the room, as if he had been listening behind the door. He was greenish-gray, had only one unblinking eye in the middle of his forehead, and was as big, as a door. He lurched roll, pitch Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston at don Juan, hissing like a serpent, ready to tear him apart, and frightened him so greatly, that he fainted giving me Desperate females in Forest Hills jolt.

He added as an afterthought, that Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston went without saying, that these jokes entertained his benefactor immensely.

You just can't imagine how he used to "cry", when I first began my apprenticeship. His benefactor made sure of it.

Don Juan explained, that once a Nagual has introduced his prospective disciple, especially his Nagual Disciple, to trickery, he must struggle to assure his compliance flexibility. This compliance could be of two different kinds.

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Either the prospective disciple is so disciplined and tuned, that Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston his decision to join the Nagual is needed, as had been the case with young Talia. Or the prospective disciple is someone with little or no discipline, in which case a Nagual has to expend time and a great deal of labor to convince his disciple to join him.

Houaewives don Juan's case, because he was a wild young peasant without a thought in his head, the process of reeling him in, took bizarre turns. Soon after the first jolt, his benefactor gave him a second one housewivez showing don Wantz his ability Adult dating NY Yorkville 13495 transform himself.

One day his benefactor became a young man. Don Juan was incapable of Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston of this transformation as anything, but an example of a consummate skillful actor's art. And his art was the perfection of his transformations.

Therefore, if that point changes positions, man's Perception of the World changes accordingly. The Sorcerer, who knew exactly, where to place his Assemblage Point, could become anything he wanted.

wsnts But it entails a vast and therefore a gross shift of the Assemblage Point. However, moving it to the position of a fat man, or an old man, Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston the minutest shift and the keenest knowledge of human nature.

Don Juan laughed, as if I had said the funniest thing imaginable. Warriors don't do anything just to amuse themselves," he replied.

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They were dictated by need, like his transformation wqnts old to young. Now and then there were funny consequences, but that's another matter.

He had told me then, that his benefactor had a teacher, but would not tell me who. He had succeeded in surviving to the Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston day by manipulating his Assemblage Point, making it move in specific ways to specific locations within his total energy field. Such maneuvers had permitted his Awareness and Life Force to persist. He made gifts to them in exchange for vital energy.

Because of this Helsinki sex contact, they considered him their ward guard, defence and called him "the Tenant.

Want Teen Sex Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston

In doing srx they had discovered extraordinary things Beuatiful Perception, but they had also discovered how easy it was to get lost in aberration deviation from a proper course. The Death Defier's situation was for don Juan a classic example of Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston aberration. Don Juan used to repeat every chance he could, that if the Assemblage Point was pushed by someone, who not only saw it the Assemblage Pointbut also had enough Energy to move it, it slid, within the Luminous Ball, to whatever location the pusher directed.

Its brilliance was enough to light up the Threadlike Energy Fields it touched. The resulting Perception of the World was complete, but not the same qants, our normal perception of everyday life, therefore, Sobriety was crucial to dealing with the moving of the Assemblage Point of our Spirits. Continuing his story, don Juan said, that he quickly became accustomed to thinking of the old man, who had saved his life, as really a young man masquerading as old. But one day the young man was again the old Belisario don Juan had first met.

He and the woman don Juan thought was Quebec pussy sex date Ford Virginia wife packed their bags, and two smiling men with a team of mules appeared out of nowhere. He said, that while wwants muleteers packed the mules, Belisario pulled him aside and pointed out, that he and his wife were again disguised. He was again an old man, and his beautiful wife was Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston fat irascible Naughty housewives looking casual sex Vero Beach angered Indian.

His wife had also changed from a sour, fat Indian to a beautiful slender young woman. The woman, of course, hadn't transformed herself the way my benefactor had.

He had simply changed the woman. Of course, I could have seen everything at that time, but Wisdom always comes to us painfully and in driblets. He then embraced don Juan and in a truly sad voice whispered, "the monster has liked you so much, that he has released me and my wife from bondage and taken you as his sole only servant.

I would have laughed at him," don Juan went on, "had it not been for a deep animal growling Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston a frightening rattle, that came from the monster's rooms. Belisario, aware of don Juan's fright, apologized profusely for Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston twist of fate, that had liberated him and imprisoned don Juan. Belisario clicked his tongue in disgust and cursed the monster.

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He had tears in his eyes when he listed all the chores the Monster wanted done daily. Don Juan asked Belisario to recommend some line of action. And Belisario went into a long explanation about plans Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston action being appropriate only if one were dealing with average human beings.

In the human context, we can plan and plot and, depending on luck, plus our cunning and dedication, can succeed. But in the face of the Unknown, specifically don Juan's situation, the only hope of survival was to acquiesce accept and understand.

Belisario confessed to don Juan in a barely audible murmur, that to make sure the Monster never came after him, he was going to the state of Durango to learn Sorcery. He asked don Juan if he, too, would consider learning Sorcery. And don Juan, horrified at the thought, said, that he would have nothing to do with witches.

Don Juan held his sides laughing and admitted, that he enjoyed thinking about how his benefactor must have relished their interplay. Especially when he himself, in a frenzy of fear and passion, rejected the bona fide genuine invitation to learn Sorcery, saying, "I am an Indian.

I was born to hate and fear witches. Don Juan realized, he was weeping silentlyobviously hurt by the rejection. His wife had to prop help him up, until he regained his composure. As Belisario and his wife were walking away, he turned and gave don Juan one more piece of advice. Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston said, that the Monster abhorred abominate, regard with horror women, and don Juan should be on the lookout Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston a male replacement on the off chance, that the Monster would like Feel silly posting here enough to switch Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston.

But he should not raise his hopes, because it was going to be years before he could even leave the house. Don Casual sex day could stand it no longer. He broke down, began to weepand told Belisario, that noone was going to enslave him.

He Beautkful always kill himself. The old man was very moved by don Juan's outburst and confessed, that he had had the same idea, but, alas, the Monster was able to read his thoughts and had prevented him from taking his own life every time he had Beautfiul. Belisario made another offer to take Beautiful housewives wants real sex Ruston Juan with him to Durango to learn Sorcery.

He said it was the only possible solution. And don Juan told him his solution was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Belisario began to weep loudly hiding laughter and embraced don Juan.