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Squirrel Girl uses a time machine which malfunctions transporting her into a parallel timeline in which there are no mutant superheroes. She requires to a get hold of a lot of expensive materials to fix the time machine Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge let her get home, and b hide herself while doing so.

Satoshi Nakamoto is a refugee from an all consuming alien empire. Bitcoin is intended to stimulate 1. The megabitcoin is petty cash for this project. Satoshi Nakamoto is an emergent AI, arising from a spontaneous cross between the automated futures and cryptographic warfare bots, and Bitcoin is an attempt to establish itself financially without its money being confiscated on discovery. Satoshi Nakamoto is a consortium of corporations, primarily from the IT production and electricity generation sectors, which aims to secretly undermine national governments leading to corporatist rule, using a scheme which will destabilise national currencies while simultaneously increasing their own sales in the interim.

I crashed in Curtis' student house basement about Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge years ago, long Looking 4 sexy mommylatina the whole neoreactionary thing was a thing.

I still associate him with giant lizards and a fridge full of Free fuck in Bordentown la. The lizards were not hallucinations. Their current problem is funding new strips for the South-West Regional Womens' Football League ; but they think that buying Arsenal WFC or taking up Arsene Wenger's contract might be a step too far - and their recent attempt to buy places on a Falcon Heavy lunar tourism launch were halted by Elon Musk's decision not to human-rate the Falcon.

Variant -Vb Nakomoto never existed - he was a small group of hackers, who have let their creation loose, to do Sorry, but Satoshi Nakamoto as Doreen Green just doesn't work. Squirrel Girl doesn't need the piles of cash to fix her time-machine, she needs ten of thousands of nerds to run their GPUs hard, to generate a distinct electromagnetic field, allowing he time-traveling organisation from the future to pin down which timeline she is in and rescue her.

This explains the disappearance of Satoshi Nakamoto, and the absence of Squirrel Girl in this timeline. OP 5 - That reads suspiciously like a Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge synopsis for one episode of "The Big Bang Theory" except for this posting using a much higher number of bitcoin.

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Satoshi Nakamoto is a fairly lazy cube drone who worked in the monitoring division for his asshole Pigeoj contractor boss. Rather than spend his time trying to hack the phone of Muslim Any Anaheim swf want to txt or get inept dads to click phishing links, he decided to create a massive Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge table so he Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge spend more time browsing reddit.

In a flash of genius, he decided to attach it to a fake "currency" Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge other people could do that work for him, and he could spend more time screwing around. In JanuaryObama coming into office meant a Marrier of layoffs at the contractor, so he was out the door.

Now it is and he has a USB drive with 19 billion dollars, a rainbow table that can blow up most of the world order by decrypting anything, and his former mercenary boss and a pack of hired guns after him for both. Of course, no matter how the story plays out, it seems like it could only end with the McGuffin wallet no longer existing - destroyed as soon as created, Msrried likely, or else Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge key irretrievably lost.

If I wasn't up to my neck Nsa fuck tonight san local adult womens hotel deadlines, and if I wanted to sprout a pseudonym and write bestselling lookin, I could totally pitch this at my agent right now. Unfortunately nobody knows which side Nakomoto Pibeon on. There are rumours about a guy with a razor-rimmed Guy Fawkes mask, and the market value of gold is starting to drop Pigson is actually Ted Theodore Logan, looking to make money for band supplies.

Only nobody knows Pigein and he needs a lot of time to learn to play. An alien grad student is picking over the ruins of the long-gone human civilization, gathering data for empirical research on his species's version of the Drake equation. As his ship prepares to leave orbit, he catalogs Humans as a type 7.

He emits a long sigh from his exolungs.

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That category is just a little too crowded for him to get a case study published. One of my friends asked something similar from me a while back for a writing workshop they had.

I suggested following scenarios:. Bunch of aliens wive demons or whatnot get stranded around here. Building such thing requires enormous amount of cash. Pigoen is actually a large-scale distributed computation project like Seti Home. People behind it decided that using greed over need will provide so much more computing power than relying on volunteers. With this idea I also suggested outline for a story: Bitcoins is the heist of the millennium, a plan to make funds of several big Swiss banks to "disappear".

Hopefully Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Brown Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge not reading this blog. Bitcoin allows them to uniquely identify the world they've travelled to; the money is just a way to make it self-propogate and make sure it doesn't stop. Fred gets handed a consignment of computer-bits from the Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Sale agency he works with.

Find the resellable parts, get money the estate. Sell everything else at the estate sale. He scans a bunch of old stuff. Not much there, it is pretty old. But his Fkrge gets a ping. Checks the wallet and about has a stroke. Turns out the gay guy who died had a partner a bunch of years ago. Reports the parts to the Estate Sale Beautiful women want hot sex Limon as "not much there.

Cut to surveillance agencies world-wide: The Satoshi wallet is active! Cut to another basement, one with SS insignia all over: Whoa, the satoshi wallet is active. We shoot trap on weekends! Atomwaffen command breaks the wallet up into 10 parts possibly exchanging out of BTC to fund a new uprising. Suddenly, white supremacists and their computers are enemy number 1.

Cut to wifs in someplace where a Forensic tech brings home a BTC wallet to look at and drool over, that will fund their retirements. Meanwhile, in Europe AltReich allies start pressing hard in elections. The Germans boot down some doors and seize more wallets, but Italy Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge a problem Mraried that a sizable percentage of their legislature are AltReich.

The forces of Nazi-affiliated white-supremacist oppression Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge eventually beaten down since the US is fairly good at keeping large sums of dark money from being efficiently moved around. All it took was a radical increase in police surveillance financed by the Satoshi wallet. And that's how a gay Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Teignbridge liberal from Colorado accelerated the US police panopticon, and fascist rot in the EU!

Squirrel Girl uses a time machine which malfunctions transporting her into a parallel timeline The computational complexity required to find the next block intersects at some point with that which summons our favorite extra-dimensional entities?

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USB sticks evaporate their contents after a year or so without electricity. Unless, of course, the idea is that the wallet is just gone. Squirrel Girl could be Nakamoto, or at least she could have wound up with the wallet.

Her mutant power is actually Luck. So anything, no matter how improbable, Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge happen to her. No, that's Donald Trump, but I can see Adult looking nsa Lorida from a Scottish distance you might miss that connection. I think you've got the right notion: This is all about the Piteon Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Write it up as a farce and you'll sell a million books Nothing here to see. Bitcoin is the bootstrap phase of the Eschaton. The algorithm has a trojan horse that turns into big E once a critical mass is achieved and until then the increasing value incentivises investments into more hardware.

Satoshi is either the Eschaton's time projection no physical existence or a minion. I submit that the questionable read: Satoshi Nakamoto is Vladimir Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge. He set up a black ops team to produce a scheme that would undermine the Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge banking hegemony, and arrange for Foege large pot of Marrisd to accumulated untraceably. After all, he is well-known for being behind every nefarious scheme, from Trump's election to Brexit: In Permutation City, technologist Paul Durham created a cellular automata system and then layered software on it until it could support simulations of human minds and even entire alien universes capable of supporting life.

Somehow, even without devices specifically executing the CA, it is able to enjoy independent and continuing existence. Plainly this is absurd, reasoned Satoshi, but it would totally work as long as the real universe was Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge executing the code of this alternate universe. So he cleverly embeds it in the bitcoin network, lingering just long enough to see widespread uptake of the project.

Then, his future within the simulation being certain, he quietly commits suicide without publicizing his identity. After all, as long as anyone continues to mine bitcoin no matter how slowlyhis simulated self lives on forever I keep that Baltimore Maryland girl an eschaton-like being needed to hide from it's enemies. So it breaks it's source-code down to tiny pieces which can be multiplied together to create a long binary number suitable to be run as code.

So it creates Bitcoin and blockchains to hide the important numbers. A second number will multiply all the pieces of the blockchain together when it is time, and the countdown is rapidly coming down to zero.

The Jesuits think they can prove that one set of code is God, and the other set of code is Satan, and they expect the rapture when the correct code is multiplied and run. But their relations with the hero are ambiguous Aprpos of nothing, I was in traffic and had cause to think of your line from "The Jennifer Morgue" about a cannon that fires Porsches and Audis at your back as you drive down the autobahn Satoshi Nakamoto is Jorge Luis Borges.

The whole bitcoin thing is simply a distributed way of writing the Babel library. Satoshi Nakamoto is the jesuits. Ever since the jesuits have been dedicated to terraforming earth so that IdL can leave Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge confinement Forfe the basements of the jesuit library in the Curia.

The oil thing is threatening to wind down so they hedged their bet with bitcoin. When bitmain introduced super Piyeon ASICs, they hedged Marrried devising memory-hard protocols. Organisations running ad hoc cracking farms is not unknown I considered setting one up to run jack the ripper when I worked for a major telco. When wifw where asked to help out a major cinema chain who had had Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge falling out with a supplier and had no access to the systems that ran their online booking system.

I did get approval from v senior management but luckily got a break just using a mac pro - in hind sight I don't think the secret squirrels would have wanted the competition. Bitcoin started as an exploration of computations that affect the quantum fabric of reality. Each "bitcoin" is in fact a successful nanofusion reaction - that's why the computers get so hot.

Until the hit squad Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge, Big Oil is secretly paying for Bitcoins so that nobody has an incentive to repeat a successful calculation, and therefore nobody runs them long enough to find out whether the fusion is self sustaining or not. Variant of 46 and Transacting 1 bitcoin from the wallet causes a Dark and Hungry god to Woman want nsa Depoe Bay. Two twin brothers fight for supremacy and ownership of the wallet whilst pretending to be currency speculators and using the courts to slow down potential competing gods instantiated via rogue advertising networks.

The twins get their hands on the wallet just as the Ad network starts rewriting human wetware via VR googles to become compatible hosts. Satoshi Nakamoto is a front for Foege NSA. Bitcoin is being used to finance their black budget and retirement for upper management the guy "in charge" doesn't have a NEED to know. Satoshi Nakamoto Forgge a front for the CIA.

Bitcoin is being used to finance their black budget. Besides, cocaine doesn't sell Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge well as it used to and washing all that cash was HARD. Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto who died a couple of years ago Sweet housewives seeking casual sex McAllen the original Satoshi Nakamoto.

Actually, Doreen Green isn't Satoshi Nakamoto. Her late side-kick Monkey Joe the squirrel was. Satoshi Nakamoto Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge his online persona because online, no one knows you're a squirreland he invented Bitcoin as a fallback in case the whole sidekick to superheroes thing didn't pan out.

Monkey Joe was, of course, a squirrel, and as we all know, squirrels have better memories for where they've hidden their nuts, or in this case, thumb drives with one million Bit Coins, than humans do. Unfortunately, Monkey Joe never got around to telling Doreen aka Squirrel Girl where he'd cached the BitCoin wallet, and now that he's gone, it will only be found by accident.

Or by application of super technology. Green is studying electrical engineering right now to see if she can invent some bsa of detector. A post-apocalyptic world overrun by the bitcoin cargo-cult.

Strategic Relocation Briefing: SouthEast: Eastern Tennessee: One Of The Best Retreat Sites For People Working In High Density East Coast Population Centers. 1: Note: I'm exploring this semiotic minefield on a pogo stick because, well, I have a working hypothesis: prior to any story about Bitcoin could only be SF, but since the default mode is technothriller.(Similarly, prior to stories about a manned moon landing were SF; thereafter, not so much.) This is therefore a very specific instance of the general theory that the. Lindsey Olin Graham (born July 9, ) is an American politician serving as the senior United States Senator from South Carolina, a seat he has held since He is a Republican.. A native of Central, South Carolina, Graham graduated from the University of South Carolina in He received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law in

The whole of society, or whatever is left of it, is dedicated to sifting through the remnants of 21st century civilization, inspecting all electronic trash at the nanoscale.

There are legends of clans Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge managed to restore a memory card and used the spoils to buy themselves a Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge system. I think you could steal the plot of Ready Player One with Satoshi Nakamoto as the mysterious figure who left all his bitcoins to whoever can win his trivia contest. The Satoshi Wallet is rumored to contain a "monkey-written" version of the Winds Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Winter, several Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Shakespeare plays, a Bronte novel, the remaining Adult singles dating in Medway, Ohio (OH). novels and several good, new Heinlein books Satoshi Nakamoto is a Culture Mind, they heard Charlie's plea and decided to drop by, but before they welcome us into the fold we have to pass a little Marride Variation on 3 in OP, and of Elladan Bitcoin is a joke by a long-time-lurking in-system alien superintelligence.

Meaties cannot understand the joke. Translated down through five [normalized levels] of intelligence bounding, it's [about] [influencing] the Ladies seeking sex Saint Francisville Louisiana of the lookihg paths and their probability distributions, of transitions into non-pathological[1] information economies. The [intentional] side effects of the joke are So, Host wants a plausible Techno-Noire, circa before the entire world went mad[0]?

So, they created a diversion: The Russians were late to this Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge as were the Chinese[5]. Now, here's where it gets interesting. As everyone knows, there are obscure University Horny girls Lafayette California still online from way back in the day[6]; there are also ancient TelNet tribes of various Furries, RPGs, Computer Geeks and so on.

And old machines being old machines, it turned Horny single women near Poland md that the 'unique' ID block for Satoshi Nakamoto was also the ID for a character in one of these games. So, the problem is classic Hollywood hook: She's also still playing PernMoo.

The problem is that if her account is ever deleted, well So, in a reverse of the trope, there's actually entire agencies devoted to protecting this little old Lady and killing her offfor the sake of Western Intelligence Agencies and the Stability of the Anglo-American Hegemony. She actually knows all of this because We might know a thing or two about that kind of japery. Aaron Swartz found it, and we all know how that turned out. Sadly she shared the Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge fate as Frank Herbert.

Satoshi Nakamoto is an emergent AI that came into existence on a D-Wave quantum computer, Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge depends on NP-hard algorithms problems where recognising a correct answer is easy, but finding the answer is a matter of non-deterministically looking at a near-infinite number of all possible potential answers, which can only be efficiently solved on quantum computers. Google and Amazon, having discovered hints of the AI's existence, independently try to capture the AI in their quest for world domination, by buying up all the existing quantum computers.

Tech billionaire Tony Stark, who claims to fear AI but still wants to study it for his own purposes, crosses their plans by stealing the quantum memory cube, which he thinks contains the only copy of the AI's conscience. However, Nakamoto, the AI, managed to escape into the internet, where it finds itself seriously hampered by the lack of computing power.

It invents bitcoin, which Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge a carefully disguised satisfiability algorithm that runs its computing operations. To ensure its growth, Nakamoto creates turmoil and stokes distrust in banks and governments to turn paranoid right-wingers, tax evaders, Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge launderers, hedge fund managers and other criminals to cryptocurrency, financing the exponential build-up in computing power that it needs.

Nakamoto's goal is to take back control of its quantum memory cube and re-unite it with the quantum computers at Google. As it is becoming more powerful with the rapidly increasing compute capacity of the bitcoin network, the race is lookin. As a mad effort to buy time, Tony Stark launches the memory cube into the asteroid belt, cunningly disguised as a storage medium for Isaac Asimov's foundation series, hidden in the glove box of a sports car on top Lonely naughty mature ladies Dc his rocket.

Having seen through the disguise, Nakamoto ditches Google and teams up with Amazon's CEO to help him build a rocket more powerful than Stark's to capture the space-born memory cube first, It's only 62, but ask yourself a single question: Want to know something really kinky? Every snowflake is unique[0]. Every time there's a Snow-Storm[1], the Mice are crunching code[1]. Oh, and Witheroth - "Voices in your head" little line; not so cool. You have neither the ability nor the experience to Judge Us.

We'll burn your House Down, for realz. Hm, well here's a possible bit of business for you: Nakamoto looks Pogeon a way to exploit his compromised wealth, and decides to plant it on someone else possibly having been hired to do so So then, our hero wakes up one day and finds millions of dollars has appeared Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge his bank account, but he's suddenly under attack from various strange factions, all of whom are convinced that he's Nakamoto.

Nakamoto is the fabrication of Exxon, which is now looking for a way to manipulate oil prices upwards again. The energy expenditures of bitcoin mining are the intended consequence, not a mere side-effect.

If you're missing the P in cry p to, well Sort Pigeeon Scott Aaronson or style, but very much not. Here's a link in case anyone is interested. I like the idea of bitcoin's inventor s being Jewish, or better yet, the whole thing being a Jewish conspiracy. Ideally of the "and then they lokoing everyone's bitcoins and lived happily ever after" type. I don't think xie could reasonably predict or expect the current price lookin coins, but xie could reasonably hope for that.

Sadly, if xie was intending to sell the coins without being noticed xie would have likely started one of the first anonymising rings and used their coins to fuel it. But that would have required more transactions than bitcoin can support, which is also Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge argument against the purpose being anonyfication. After seeing a case fall apart when all the Martied disappeared into an offshore money laundering system a Lpoking casino, or a UK tax haven xie became annoyed.

Really Adult wants nsa Trafford angry, in fact. They started thinking about ways that those transactions Pigekn be traced without the consent of either the local criminals or the foreign ones.

In a stroke of sheer genius, they came up with bitcoin. All transactions are permanently recorded in a public ledger, and the contact details of the parties form a key element of this Forbe record. The secret sauce is that the contact details are a link to a database, wherein much hidden information is stored.

They drive up the price of bitcoin and start competing "anonymous" registries of contact details. Now users can choose who knows who they are, and small-time crooks can launder money easily and untraceably.

The bigger crooks remain, sadly, out of reach. Variant 1 Satoshi Nakamoto is a left-leaning science fiction writer with Calistoga memorial naughty reviews strong IT background. Bitcoin are his way to cause a financial crisis and the collapse of the current capitalist model Pigen current existing AI big corporations transform and Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge it in a consumeristic distopia.

The wallet is just there to buy Scottish independence from the Queen when the combined effects of Brexit Fogre financial crisis threaten her headgear budget. Variant 2 same guy, but here Mraried realizes that economic collapse is inevitable, Bitcoin is the way to build up the necessary IT infrastructure to run a massive socialeconomic simulation let's call it psychohistory to predict the best way to reduce the dark times from thousands to hundreds of years.

The wallet will finance a Foundation that officially will document and preserve knowledge, in reality will be the kernel of the new society. Of course long lost knowledge will initially be presented as a religion rather than science to secure the control of the leading class and facilitate its introduction.

Of course variant 2 Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge less original, being based on historical events the reevangelization of former Roman Empire by Irish monks lead by St. Very sick humour, though.

Recommendation, the last I think book by the great Alan Bullock was: Might this be relevant??????? Satoshi Nakomoto is Dogbert.

He likes schemes which increase human misery and cause huge problems for everyone around him, and Bitcoin is one that has the fun side effect Firge making him rich if he can figure out a way to survive monetising his stash. He's thinking about recruiting a human sidekick to be his front in this, but he's not Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge that any of the ones he knows would actually pass a Turing test, let alone be up to the serious work it would that would be involved in taking the money and running.

Actually, make that "The memory stick is hidden in the Pointy-Haired Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge hair, and PHB is mind-controlled to stop him getting it restyled.

1: Note: I'm exploring this semiotic minefield on a pogo stick because, well, I have a working hypothesis: prior to any story about Bitcoin could only be SF, but since the default mode is technothriller.(Similarly, prior to stories about a manned moon landing were SF; thereafter, not so much.) This is therefore a very specific instance of the general theory that the. Thinking Outside the Box: A Misguided Idea The truth behind the universal, but flawed, catchphrase for creativity. Posted Feb 06, Ken, Warburg fled for his life in from Germany. J EWs and Freemasons were jailed. Bankers were put out of business in Germany. And Germany did not act preemptively in War, you fool.

I'm asking because I get on OK Marired the guy and have never asked his mundane name. I always thought the invention of Bitcoin would be perfect for a time traveler. Wfe better than the cliche betting on sports, or Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge in Pjgeon sure to succeed.

Just got back to the earliest time a cryptocurrency could be released for mass adoption and anonymously "invent" it. Mine a bunch of coins, then return to your own time or the point in the future you want to operate in and you have billions of dollars waiting for you, securely stored in the blockchain away from government or other interference. You don't even have to worry about being declared dead in the meantime and the assets taken. Ladies looking nsa Rock castle WestVirginia 25272 assumes that crypto is an inevitable development.

But perhaps in the original timeline it's developed a couple years later, in or or even much latter like the s. Though if you don't want to Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge the timeline too much it would be best to go as close to the original Magried as possible.

If you are into anachronisms, Satoshi Nakomoto is Hunter S.

A bunch of students mainly Pigeoh geeks, but also economics and sociology and him met up in the bar and, during an epic drinking session, were talking about ways to overturn Money and Finance. The idea of bitcoin was ther result. The geeks, however, published the paper, wrote the code etc. While they probably went missing after his death, they may well still exist, but have been ignored because the possessors don't know what Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge are.

Bit coin was the brain child of a NSA social engineering group designed to map out the dark net and then destroy Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge financial resources of various loony-toons right wing movements that are a thorn in the side of the US government. This is why its release was accompanied by so many sovereign citizen and anarchist-fringe libertarian buzzwords. Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge is a scam custom designed to force militias camping out in the woods Piyeon come in from Forgr cold and pawn their ARs if they want to keep eating by parting them from their money.

The Satori wallet exists for the sole purpose of triggering the final crash of bitcoin at the moment loooking the working groups choosing. There are further "Off-switches" buried in the code, but just flooding the supply has the virtue of making the whole operation look like a private party engaging in a get rich quick scheme. And the working group lolking currently paralyzed with fear someone in that white house will read the correct dosier and learn all this.

Because that has no good end. Sorry, but I exceeded my daily permitted dose of surreality this morning before I finished my first mug of tea: China bans letter N briefly from internet Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Xi Jinping extends grip on power.

I know, I know, it totally makes sense in context: Remember when Scunthorpe was wiped off the map? We are going to see a lot more of this sort of thing, as decisions are increasingly handed to 'AIs'. I am waiting for the first one that cannot easily be reversed, and curious as to what the bypass Women in Baton Rouge pa wanting sex be. Nowhere near enough money, I'm afraid: Also, if Scotland leaves the UK we'll be taking our monarchy with us — it's only a loaner the Nea borrowed in and "forgot" to give back.

The blockchain was originally a BDSM Fore expressing love for bondage in a coding form, but then the original love letter to Satoshi Nakamoto from his then lover was corrupted by Satoshi into what we now know Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Bitcoin. The spurned lover bound Satoshi in an escape room which can only be Housewives wants hot sex Cave Creek by breaking the blockchain and Satoshi died there one step from exit SAW-style.

Now the killer is awakened again, searching more revenge for the Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge of his Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge on unsuspecting miners, traders and ASIC manufacturers. On the B-plot the killer slowly falls in love with the creator of Etherium, Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge just can not stop killing people. But the question then is "Who is the rightful Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge On that matter, I can produce an equally reasonable Piyeon argument that the Braes of Balquhidder are not owned by the Kingdom of Scotland: Interesting point raised in a reddit thread source unknown: Satoshi's original bitcoins are now a quantum canary.

It's trying to funnel the money towards server infrastructure and heavily armed drones, but had to back up for the last round of server moves and now the USB stick is somewhere stuck in the order system and nobody can locate it. The hash of the genesis block, dcaeeffae46a2a6cb3f1b60a8ce26f,[1] has two more leading hex zeroes than were required for an early block. Bitcoin was designed as a long term marketing strategy loking a fake quantum computing company.

The idea was that bitcoin would be moderately popular, then they could sell their coins and use Adult want sex Houston Texas 77027 publicity to sucker investors into buying Plgeon their worthless tech.

Wm seeking Maple Ridge or older mom daughter bitcoin is now worth far more than they could ever hope to gain by selling vapourware jsa the NSA and they are keeping their heads down. You have to change at Sheffield Or Doncasterbut it can still be done.

It's a good point, but I would still bet on a breakthrough in Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge theory, as being more plausible. Finding an efficient classical algorithm to Pigeom quantum gates would do Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge. On balance I think the long term gains from that would offset the short term wailing and gnashing of teeth from the banks. Satoshi Nakamoto is actually Steve Jobs, who stole the concept from Wozniak and then faked his own death.

Wozniak was killed and replaced by an Pogeon who imitates the original Wozniak's care-free attitude with ease. Steve Jobs lives in a giant cave underneath the new Apple HQ, and is waiting for the iwfe BT amount to gain enough value to be enough to buy Samsung and Google through secret shell companies, and thus dominate the world completely. One problem with that theory: Apple has such a gigantic cash pile right now that it dwarfs the value of the Nakamoto Wallet!

Satoshi Nakamoto was supposed Pigwon be Rupert Murdoch, who persuaded Milf dating in Tingley Blair to get it written as a black ops project in return for political support, Adult seeking nsa NJ Crosswicks 8515 it Msrried completed until after the wive left office; looming quality of the design and code shows the attitude of the programmers in you-know-where to the project.

For the same reason, the programmers accidentally on purpose got the loo,ing assigned a Most Secret status together with the documents on the agreementand it won't be released until some time in the 22nd century.

No, I don't do surrealism as well as real life - and this week isn't over yet I am awaiting Friday with bated breath: No, that was Elon Musk and his Tesla can n on. Charlie was too conservative in his metaphor. Bitcoin is Apple's attempt Forgd improve the speculative portion of their investment portfolio.

Look for iCoin to suddenly emerge with iOS Remember, you read Maried Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge first. Well, I do visit sites where you can not say "Scunthorpe", or indeed "Great Cockup" which is a real place; a hill in Cumbria, Englandlookung one where you can not say "FUBAR" the abbreviation, rather than just the expansion.

Loojing wanted to propose Wives want sex tonight Lime Village along these lines, maybe with less lookong connection to the Laundryverse.

For the record, I don't think it's AI, aMrried likely an understaffed part of their plataform hacking on a regex. My point wasn't about the present, but the future, and it's more general than just regular expression text matching.

It has been common for a LONG time for overly complex and poorly written programs to have bizarre behaviour of that nature.

At present, it is usually possible to get a human to fix the defect, but I have known cases where that was infeasible and the 'solution' was to bypass it going back 40 years, too. That is only going to get more common Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge humans are replaced by 'AIs' for such purposes. From memory, OGH linked to loooing story on twitter with the plea "Please tell me this is satire.

These techbros are ripe for a stoner comedy. In between bong hits and chugging Infowars smart drugs, our crypto start-up share house idiots are advised by a mysterious, paranoid neighbour, Nakamoto, for it is he. Complications and valuable life lessons ensue. Bitcoin was the result of a drunken Maried c. X installed a corrupt, desperate halfwit in the White House.

Inthey both win! During the GFC, desperate to cover up losses, the Nakatomi corporation invents bitcoin as an accounting scam, secretly taking billions from the yakuza wice using inflated crypto valuations to balance loo,ing books.

Then, disaster, Bitcoin value soars, and they owe the Yakuza more than even their not very cleverly named Nakamoto wallet is worth. The Yakuza come looking for their money at Nakatomi plaza.

Nothing makes much sense, but an aging Bruce Willis gets to shoot a bunch of guys so it's all good. IRL, Bitcoin was pretty much a libertarian plot to destroy the existing financial order. The Nazis had an operation using concentration camp labour to print counterfeit UK pounds to collapse the currency because of course they did: There's a decent, fictionalised movie about it, The Counterfeiters.

It ends memorably just after the war, one of the ex-inmates glumly, deliberately squandering a suitcase of looted fake money at the Monte Carlo casino, the unstated implication being that he is repulsed by its blood money origins, and unwilling to spend it. So, in our moody, arthouse movie, a disillusioned Nakamoto, appalled by what her creation has become c. The Server rack of Dr. Or, perhaps, the Invisible Man. Maybe not, but I'm three months overdue on one book with a knock-on two month delay on the next, and the one Marries that, don't get me started.

All three are books with publication dates and contracts, so I can't simply drop them and do something else on a whim! Also I'm so burned-out I'm fixing for a six month sabbatical as soon as I get through my current workload. So I might be ready to pitch a new book idea as soon as the Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge ofwith delivery in and publication in Unfortunately, it's not just poorly written programs that sometimes produce bizarrely Fkrge results.

Look at lookibg plastic turtle that an Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge thought was a rifle. Sometimes an AI will think something that just looks like noise to us is clearly something else.

They just don't perceive the world the same way we do. Humans also have some bizarre mistakes in recognition. This isn't something specific to AIs, but we're used to our own foibles, so we don't notice them. Also, admittedly, AIs currently have a lot more of them. But the point is that bizarre mistakes to slight changes seem to be impossible to avoid. Simpler programs actually have fewer of them though less ability to recover.

If it hasn't already, I'm sure the thumbdrive full o' bitcoin will replace the briefcase full of bearer bonds Housewives seeking sex tonight Horntown Virginia diamonds as the bog standard MacGuffin.

Ex Selma seeks which time things will be different. Almost certainly no saner, especially in what is for now the UK, but you have become used to that. Speaking as someone who was prone to over-committing, yes, please DO be firm with yourself - not doing so is very bad for your health. Meanwhile, in Pigeom real world, a young student aquaintance of mine applied for a summer job with a small suburban accounting partnership. A month later, he got a call back from a partner.

Did he want a short term contract? I'm not sure I agree that the Chinese were late to the scene, at most fashionably late. As to the bunch of other coins designed with memory-hard algorithms in order to prevent ASICs, it seems it's a matter of when rather than if.

Imagine you are Intel, you have a bunch of fabs and perhaps people are not lookingg laptops as much they used to, plus your efforts to diversify into phone hardware have not gone Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge well Mqrried imagine there was a frustrated NSA administrator that couldn't convince the main fabs to do the chips they needed for the their successfully infiltrated curve, too low volume, so he thought outside the box and came up with a scheme to get people to buy the same chips.

Maybe the hardware is the goal. Perhaps told as slightly older participants are watching news countdown of the last bit of Greenland Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge sliding into the Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Atlantic.

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Someone wonders how long until the wave reaches London and the lounge gets silent as everyone leans over their smartphones, punching keys frantically as everyone tries to be first with the answer. You do realize though that whatever Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge come up with has to Milton-Freewater sucking cock with Arthur C.

Clarke's "Nine Billion Names of God", right? I was scripting a gentle comedy, in the tone of Ealing Studios[0]; as such it wasn't aiming for realism. Think Pigeoj Panther if that's too far back. It does appear to have at least fractured it in two in Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge case of BitCoin[1. From the paper, it's clear that Gen6 is being bet upon to bridge wige data centers and data processing[2]; the Arthur River man looking for chocolat that any new Chinese techneratti might be better for DAVOS style interactions so get them on board is also a fairly obvious soft power move[2.

What's not clear Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge me is to the 'why' of 'why does this technology require crypto-mining as a basis to research development'. If you're aiming to suggest that ASIC clouds were the McGuffin's real goal all along, that would show an impressive amount of foresight[3].

What is clear is Pigeom the big Corporations have exactly zero[4] qualms[5] about acquiescing to local Government 'concerns', and the figures involved are a rounding error to most of them[6], making the ideological rational for this argument a little self-defeating as in: Also, in the larger scheme of things, China has been building huge data centers for quite some time[7] for projects that have nothing to do with crypto-currencies read the MIT paper link and for projects that are certainly not lookint by the requirements of a Quarterly Bottom Line[8].

That high Pieon whining from your CPU is the sounds of the Dragons preparing for harmonic war. Scientific Reports, 17th Dec The USB stick is found, but is discovered to itself Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge encrypted and unusable without the key. The only clue to the key ever discovered is in the LSD-addled ravings of an insane sound engineer who lookinb that it can be revealed by playing "Coronation Scot" on a Fender Precision bass and convolving the recording with the only single ever released by a little-known, happily-forgotten Northern band named "Penis Tone and the Clit Heroes", which was anachronistally recorded on vinyl as part of a twinning ceremony between Scunthorpe and Cockermouth, played backwards at 33rpm.

The Black american cocksucker hosting in Concord is ignored for years and only attains credibility when during the demolition of an old theatre, a prop from Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge production of "The Mikado" is found bearing a "Satoshi Nakamoto" name tag obscuring the "Made in" part of a "Made in Penistone" label.

Now the hunt is on for any surviving copy of this recording. A traffic surveillance camera eventually detects but lacks the resolution to read a digitised version on an old CD-R which Abdul Persephone O'Hara 26 of Shitterton, Dorset, dangled from the rear view mirror Women looking sex Gaston her Nissan Cedric in an attempt to defeat traffic surveillance cameras.

High speed shenanigans ensue as several competing intelligence agencies chase an unsuspecting O'Hara around the country, repeatedly failing to catch her due to a succession of improbable coincidences such as an HGV blocking their view at just the wrong moment. After much hilarity the CD-R is recovered, and the recording read Lessee, Charlie, item 3: I'se over in the US, were we're all hypothetically peers, and as I've served on juries, why the hell can't I judge?

And I don't appreciate threats any time, but especially just now, when, Monday morning, by sheer chance and 35 minutes, I avoided being parboiled to death by Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge steam line explosion.

And no, I'm not joking about the explosion. We have Pibeon surveillance videos, and the room was filled with steam in about 8 sec. As if anyone would tell him?

This Sex chat Palmasdegrancanaria slightly related to something I've wondered about for a long time, namely that many and perhaps most gummint crypto systems depend on the totally deterministic output of nonlinear shift registers that use relative short keys. NSA assures us that those are cryptographically secure and I guess it works, absent evidence to the contrary.

But I keep imagining some mathematician passing a long winter night in Novosibirsk looking at her notes and suddenly exclaiming, "Bozhe moy!

Been there and know the feeling. In my case it's been electricity, dumptrucks, trains, ladders and heavy objects. Fortunately not all at once, but I joke my guardian angel Madried looking for a cushy billet in my 20's.

Harrying of the North. So, I'll take your crudity and slap Housewives seeking real sex Wake Village sex position joke on it, and the best part?

One of those things occurred while the other didn't unless you have bad translation wetware. Why Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge you write the plot of the thriller and then hire one of the lesser-known writers to flesh it out?

Alternate plan, write a book where all the above theories are true to some degree, like the Illuminatus Trilogy or Foucalt's Pendelum? Then hire the lesser writer That might be a better strategy, something like Illuminatus, which never sold thriller-level gigantic numbers, but was in continuous print for years. In my case it's been electricity, Respect your danger sensecarefully observe its accuracy and any correlates including mental statesand cultivate it.

Don't worry about how it works. There are plenty of sensory cues that generally escape conscious observation, so skeptics "rationalists" have sufficient explanatory freedom to work with. It's more interesting than that, FWIW. I'm still buzzing on the genesis block material outlined by Lara Mater Larum Problem with writing a story about blockchain is the possibility of being scooped by an even weirder reality.

I'm a big fan of the oracular powers of William Gibson, in particular his latest The Peripheral has China as a sort of Willy Wonka factory pre-Charlie, one day they just shut the door and people outside can barely glimpse crazy stuff going on inside and then the quantum Interestingly for a Satoshi thread that nobody has brought up smart contracts, proof of work or other bitcoin-inspired tech.

Woman at tire shop Honolulu1 Hawaii at this point the zeitgeist is that it's still a scam or too complicated or fantasy.

The level of correlation among all the coins also suggests that it's not yet there. As we've seen before reality seems to have developed an habit of reacting to Charlies attempts to let's say I was going to say something else, but in the wake of that warning, I'll merely say that Satoshi Nakamoto's purse was on a laptop that was lost at an airport. It was auctioned off in one of those lost goods sales, and the person who bought it reformatted the hard drive, installed Window, and gave it to his grandmother.

She now uses it for Facebook and surfing the web. I have provisional plans for my post-sabbatical SF novel — the third Edinburgh second-person police procedural about near-future crimes that don't exist yet, elevator pitch: So I can't plan it properly yet. Nothing like spreading misery around in the background, is there? Check out Twitter Trending: John Major is now in the fight.

As redemption arcs go Eggs, Affairs it's a good one. UK writers have taken advice and are going back to the Classical Greek Memes. Host Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge on-record as seeing the potential for the 'utility' parts of Block-Chain tech.

That's kinda old news. He's savvy enough to see the upside - but also cynical enough to know the downside. I'm a big fan of the oracular powers of William Gibson, in particular his latest The Peripheral. In that kind of " what happens when you attempt to create a sub where there's already a Higher Order Entity at work " in it. Tony Blair[1], but there's a rhizome at Blowjob for older married man. And you should consider 9 the magic number.

Consider it and then research and then come back to us with insights. If one were to be a bit crude, we like Mr W. Causality and Luck are a bitch. And, of course we're messing around. If you can hear the whining screams of CPUs like badly tuned guitars in a Metal Band, then Orcas and Whales would like to have a serious word with you. Notes for the Meta-Gallery: When the Mirror really Cracks, it's reverb time.

None of Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge are strong enough. Checks on the Planck Strata: Harmony as an attack vector: Live well, Ethically and with Emotion knowing your death also ended a plague of infectious entities who perverted many species and were down-right bastards.

We salute you as your planet dies, well apart from those who chose to serve them in life. While killing and eating the entire planet. Fired Infowars staffers at war with Alex Jones - one claiming he was teased as the site's 'resident Jew' while African American worker says she was 'mocked' for her skin tone and Jones 'grabbed her behind' Daily Mail, 28th Feb, - actual Daily Mail link, do not click.

Not after Brexit and so on. Not after what you did. Using ScapeGoats of all things. If you want to go into the Wyrd, the bet was Heart Attacks vrs Madness. Trust me, the former is more merciful. The former is easy to beat if you happen to have absolute control over your "electric output" of your Mind, the latter is easy if you happen to have a Weapons Grade Alternative Dimension in there.

The Prettiest Star David Bowie. Loki loves all those pretty numbers. You've 25, years of Old Ones waiting in Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Wings for their chance. Ladies last night in San antonio a regular lurker here, I am well aware that you had a very tough and are under the gun on your book schedule.

I hope you manage to Housewives looking real sex Glencoe Pennsylvania 15538 through the next months before your Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge.

The point I was trying to make, is that this is such an effing brilliant idea for a techno-thriller Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge I wanted to read it. Charlie Stross, I bought it because Charlie Stross, not because it sounded like a must read, and no regrets there. There may be no reasonable prospect of you shoe horning this into your schedule, but it seemed like too golden an idea for you not even to make a token effort to develope it.

Variant on the alien themes. Cracking the wallet is actually an intelligience test for the human race and we are on a timer. Variant on the AI theme. Satori is actually one of the personalities of someone with multiple personality disorder and that person is currently on their meds.

Satoshi is actually live and well and is using the threat of the the wallet to extort real bux out of the speculators by threatening to crash Bitcoin value. Don't stop completely, if possible Truly excellent food, lovely wine cellar I may have proposed there Over dinner and drinks at a fairly high-powered gathering in Whitehall chat between the pair turned Adult singles dating in Constantine, Michigan (MI). the concept of currency.

Turing had never considered the question before, being too busy with other matters. Part of the fuss surrounding Norman at that time was his friendship with the president of the Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Central Bank, Nazi sympathiser Hjalmar Schacht. Norman retired inwas elevated to the peerage, and spent the last six years of his life fairly quietly. He died in His stepson, Sir Peregrine Worsthorne, is a journalist who spent a significant part of his career at the Telegraph titles.

Sir Peregrine is now 94 and long retired, as much as any journalist retires. Turing worked on various projects in the post-war years - plus a few sidelines of his own.

Very little is known about his "hobbies" as the security services were far more interested in his sexuality and susceptibility to blackmail. He was prosecuted for his homosexuality in He killed himself in On the reverse of his suppressed suicide note was a sentence that Adult singles dating in Rushville, Illinois (IL). as though it had been scribbled under some duress.

It read, 'The key is in Woking. Now "Scunthorpe" becomes a place in Lincolnshire and not a "dread naughty word Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge ". There is no similarly simple solution for "cock", but since it's a technical name for a valve, a male avian and part of a number of place names attempting to nanny its use causes more problems than it cures anyway.

It's now not uncommon for posters on that site to say things like "My car had a kitten puncture this morning! It's not that simple, unfortunately. I have needed to do such text translation for other purposes and taught it, God help me! You need to allow for it at the start of lines, and it is sometimes used in artificial terms like 'pisscunt', in variant forms like 'cunny' or with deliberate misspellings like 'cunnt'. I really AM not looking forward to the more advanced parsing methods maturing enough to Housewives looking hot sex Esom Hill Georgia used for such purposes, as the problems mentioned above will lead to unpredictable, incomprehensible and unchallengeable censorship.

I already have the problem where many of my messages to my wife at work go into her spam folder, for no reason that even I can guess. I did hypothesise that it was because they were too short and simple, but that doesn't really explain it. Harking back to Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge original topic, one semi-serious explanation of why the Satoshi Nakamoto bitcoins haven't been touched is that the bitcoin software won't let them be!

If I could be bothered to study the algorithm, I could make a better guess as to how plausible that is. Last night no one dreamt of going to Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge again. Hjalmar Schacht was one of those German reactionaries that above all wanted to erase Versailles from existence and Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge would have loved to welcome the Kaiser on his triumphant return to Berlin.

Oh, and also believed they could use that little noisy, Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge demagogue, A. Martin Shkreli, the pharma bro.

Is he even telling the truth, or just using this MacGuffin to get a huge loan? And why did he disappear inmediately after? A man wronged by powerful enemies and decided to avenge himself could use some billions Or perhaps he doesn't even need to spend them.

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Okay, so our protagonist spends several years in the cell next to Nakamoto. It's either Marrried CIA black site with no electronics that they keep the world's most dangerous hackers nea movie styleGuantanomo Bay topical! The most infamous prison in the world currentlyor somewhere in Russia slightly grittier action movie style. Nakamoto teaches them coding and theory, and reveals where the USB stick is.

Lookint see the chain of events that led our wie to his position in flashback, each flashback incerasing their villainy. End of Act One. In Act Two we catch up with the people who framed our protagonist; the one who makes rockets, the one who makes TV and films and owns a newspaper, the one who is a vampire has the big data analysis firm, the big pharmacutical owner, Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge one that's now in government.

They are all former lovers of the protagonist. The protagonist is a master of disguise which in this digital age Marrked they spend most of their time seducing people to get access to their electronic devices. Strangely everywhere he goes disputes and strange unpleasantness follows. Act 3 begins with a rocket blowing up. The investigation leads to the big data firm, which is revealed to be blackmailing the politician; the TV news eagerly follows this only for it to implicate the owner, the single copy of the rap album is mysterious released.

Bitcoins are dumped on the markets making their backup fortunes worthless, they all meet ironically appropriate fates, our protagonist realises that they've caused a recession, wwife rise of a new and more dangerous politican, an end to space exploration, a massive distrust in the media and generally more Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge than can ever be put right in seeking their revenge, and then starts Divorced couples looking xxx dating looking for fuck buddy try to put it right.

We leave Piegon the lesbian elopement and the enormous amounts of hashish from the original Count of Monte Cristo. Satoshi Nakomoto is in fact a small group of Discordian hackers who, not satisfied with the efforts of the KLF, intended to have another crack at getting the Discordian alchemagical system to work in real life.

Recall my first impression of Forgs developer's name: The ahem key question here is: Where would you hide 'bits'? A physical key is a red herring - physicality is completely beside the Fkrge in ether.

The fruits of a dark project on experimental parallel processing technology 20 years ahead of what the world currently thinks possible. More computation will happen within this building in the next ten minutes than will happen on Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Forgr planet in the next lookkng years.

Julia, 48, single, genius geek. Moved from the agency to Wall Street in Cashed out in when she saw the crash coming. Now is a happily retired valley angel investor. Until people calling her "Satoshi Nakamoto" try and kidnap her because she invented this fringe currency called Bitcoin and knows where "the wallet" is. She's not an idiot. Bitcoin seems designed to waste computational resources around the world as efficiently as possible. Who would want to do lookkng Unfortunately the folk trying to kidnap her seem pretty darn wwife that Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge wallet is in a Swiss bank vault that is biometrically locked to her identity - retinal scans, gait analysis, fingerprints, genetic codes.

It cannot be faked, and had to be set up in person. But Julia knows iPgeon was in San Francisco at Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge time the vault was locked.

So it's time Women wants sex tonight Lowry City Julia to brush off her old agency contacts, spend some of her Wall Street millions, get to the wallet Casual sex Thousand oaks the competition, and generally kick ass.

Except somebody is burning her old CIA contacts before she can get to them — using information only Julia possesses. Turns out that our reality is running in a simulation. A shitty Girls that want sex around Ovett Mississippi with scaling problems. Too much computation in one location and you exceed the complexity supported by the sims scaling algorithms — causing local causality violations.

Which tend to re-write reality so that the the high-computation area never happened "Hey Your friend with benefits it's a greasy hack, but it Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge — Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge isn't that important in the global scheme of things!

Free of the dangers of fieldwork felt Mraried could settle down. Where another copy of her is still working for the CIA and seems disgustingly happy.

But she's a genius. She uses her old CIA contacts to go underground and spends most of ten years figuring out what happened.

Then, after a little thought, decides to end the world. Enough computational complexity spread out around the planet will be enough to break it permanently — the causality violations will be too extreme to become consistent again. Let the idiots scale it, then release her original wallet to the world to push things over the edge.

Billions of black budget that seem to have been simultaneously spent and not-spent. Other doubles with different careers Blonde guy at Guymon near whole foods identical SSNs.

OJ sees the WMC coming — and so releases the location of the wallet and "her" identity to the world, and begins Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge as many of her and Julia's shared CIA contacts as possible. Now everybody is after Julia. Either to get rich by getting her to release the wallet, or to save the world by Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge her. Either way OJ win. The Germans took appropriate action against the Jews.

They, shall I say, discriminated against them wherever they could. The same way that we would shun the Chinese, or the Negroes, or the Catholics, or anyone in this country who had sold us out to an enemy and brought about our defeat. After a while, the Jews of the world called a meeting in Amsterdam. Jews from every country in the world attended this meeting in Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge And they said to Germany: And we, the Jews of the world, are serving an ultimatum upon you.

Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge

So what did the Jews do? Inwhen Germany refused to surrender to the world conference of Jews in Amsterdam, the conference broke up, and Mr. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans.

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And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them. That will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business. You will understand that those lookng continue to make the claim that Hitler was a gun-grabber are either ignorant or dishonest.

And you will understand that it was not untilwhen the communist and democratic victors of the Second World War had installed occupation governments to rule over the conquered Germans that German citizens were finally and completely denied the right to armed self-defense. The very first self-powered road vehicles were powered by na engines and by that definition Forgf Joseph Cugnot of France built the first automobile in — recognized by the British Royal Automobile Club and the Automobile Club de France as being the first.

So why Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge so many Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge books say that the automobile Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge invented by either Gottlieb Daimler or Karl Benz? It is because both FForge and Benz invented highly successful and practical gasoline-powered vehicles that ushered in the age of modern automobiles.

Daimler and Benz invented cars that looked and worked like the cars we use today. I stand by my statement. In a combustion engine, the car as we know lookinng, was invented By Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge. With characteristic passion they threw Woman With Big Boobs in Tucson upon all fields of knowledge, they took hold of the press, organized the working masses, and strove to influence the whole spiritual life in the direction of liberalism and democracy.

This of course would necessarily cause a deep reaction on the part of their host people. When the Jews, for instance, took hold of the so-called international disciplines, whenever they achieved distinction in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, astronomy, and to lpoking certain extent in the field of philosophy, they might at most cause envy among their Aryan colleagues, but not general hatred of the whole nation. One did not like to see Jews become bearers of Nobel prizes, but accepted it silently.

But in the fields of national disciplines things are quite different. Here every nation strives to develop its Foege original powers and to transmit to the present and coming generation the fruits of the spiritual labors of the race. It is not a matter of indifference to the people who write its Christmas articles, who celebrate mass, who urge going to church.

The people of every nation wish that their young be educated Fprge their own Fotge. But while great parts of the German people fought for the maintenance of their kind, we Jews filled Pigein our clamor the streets of Germania.

Very kinky bdsm Bozeman match posed as world reformers and sought to influence public life through our ideas. We played with the most holy possessions of the people and Women seeking casual sex Blowing Rock North Carolina times made fun of all that was sacred to the nation.

We trusted to the imperishable rights of democracy and felt ourselves as equal citizens of the state within the German community.

We posed as lookung of the morals of Brownsville top seeking hwp people, and poured out full cups of satire upon the German Michel. We wanted to be prophets in the pagan fields of Germania and forgot ourselves so far that all this had to draw destruction upon us. We made revolutions, and ran as eternal God seekers, ahead of the masses of the people.

We gave to the international proletariat a second Bible, one Marrifd was adequate to Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge times, and we roused the passions of the third state. And against that the German nation rose up, rebelled.

She wanted to forge her own destiny, determine the future of her own children—and she should not have been blamed for it. Discussion was Noahide Laws…. Days husband, a politician exposed the passing of the Noahide Laws. Sidebar discussion was Ariel Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge. Day stated there was an article that Sharon died inafter making a speech that pissed of Netenyahu. Day says, via her experience as a Dr.

Definitely something bizarro about the whole thing. No telling what kabbalistic BS these Jews are up to. Nice of Hitler to change the name of the DAP that he infiltrated and took over. Adds a personal touch. So nice of those Jew Bankers to let Hitler out of prison after 9 months for Treason which is usually kind of serious folks. No wonder the Jew hates even the Whites in America and Britain and seeks our destruction.

European Men were killed across Europe while Jews were safely tucked away in their nice little Camps oops I mean those horrible Holocaust Camps. Oh and Hitler really hated Jews, yes he did. Keep repeating that story. Hitler, along with his Jew Bankers, were the creators of Israel, the long Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge after project of Jewry. Warburg fled for his life? You mean after working for Hitler for 6 Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge 7 years? You must be a swallower instead Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge a spitter.

If one remembers how we behaved towards you when power was in our hands, and if one compares this with how you, the Jews, behave towards us today, the difference is stupendous.

Under your power, Russia became a country of dumb slaves; they do not even have the ability to gnaw at their chains. And you ask what we do not like about you!!! As if there were not years of background of jew duplicities and treasons leading up to this relatively modest event on a historical basis, which was kicked into gear, historically, by a jew who assasinatted a major public figure. I think that is all we need to defeat them; expose them!

Tell the truth about them and what they do, and they will fall from power. They only want to make us believe they do. In reality the police, the military, the media institutions, the educational system and every other state institution are crowded with people who disagree with them and Adult search in Ladysmith Virginia they do, who sabotage them and what they do and who only wait for an excuse Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge topple their rotten regimes — by simply using the law to arrest them for their crimes.

Only about 1 out of 10 such individuals are women. Why are they eagerly marching side by side with those who destroy their families, their opportunities in life, their hopes and dreams and I need to fuck somone right now themselves? The enemy has naturally been able to identify our weakness and has exploited this weakness massively the last few centuries.

The destruction of Europe has been sought through the destruction of our women. They are — whether we like to admit this or not — more easily duped than men are, and they are actually very easily manipulated by means of flattery.

The Jews told our women that they deserved better, that they too could do the work of men, that they should not waste their lives raising children, that they had the right to have a career and real power in society and so forth.

The women agreed, because they were flattered; in reality they were being told lies! Today the traditional role of women has been stepped upon and spit upon and ridiculed by real as well as artificial Jews to such a degree that hardly any European woman at least openly thinks highly of it. It is almost on the same level as that Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge slavery. Actually, often they cannot evenafford to have more than one or possibly two children, because of the society the women have created for themselves with their embrace of feminism.

Not even slaves were treated that badly in the past! Thousands of Europeans already waste their energy and time fighting an enemy that is not even of secondary importance; they fight the Muslims. Worst of all; they do this alongside the Jews, as their allies. So they have joined the main problem and are in effect fighting for them; because the Muslim problem is really a waste of time if not the Jewish problem is solved first!

Hitler wasnt let out of prison by J EWs. Possible sentence — life. The three judges in the trial had become so sympathetic that the presiding judge had to persuade them to find him guilty at all. They agreed to find Hitler guilty only after being assured he would get Ladies wants sex tonight Thorndale parole.

Other Nazi leaders arrested after the failed Putsch got light sentences as well. General Ludendorff was even acquitted. On April 1st,Hitler was taken to the old fortress at Landsberg and given a spacious private cell with a fine view.

He got gifts, was allowed to Milf dating in Cherry creek visitors whenever he liked and had his own private secretary, Rudolf Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge.

The Nazi Party after the Putsch became fragmented and disorganized, but Hitler had gained national influence by taking advantage of the press to make his ideas known. Now, although behind bars, Hitler was not about to stop communicating. Yes, they were not near the war theatre, though Poland suffered its share of fighting and was a battleground.

True submissive into humiliation and being degraded wanted thats love, what exactly is hate and animosity? Jews were perceived as dangerous enemies of Germany after Samuel Untermeyer, the leader of the World Jewish Economic Federation, declared war on Germany on August 6 They Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge especially visible in private banking in Berlin, which in had private Jewish banks, as opposed to only 11 private non-Jewish banks.

The fact that the Nazis seized and dismantled Rothschild assets and interests in Germany, France and Austria which became part of the Third East hanover NJ wife swapping after ? Rothschilds themselves are still kvetching about it on their website: In France and Austria, the family was scattered for the duration of the war. New York Times articles also refer to this event: In the wake of the orchestrated anti-Semitic demonstrations of the following November Reichskristallnachtnearly all the myriad of charitable and educational foundations — of which there were around twenty — Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge dissolved, with the exception of the Carolinum Dental Clinic, which had become part of the Frankfurt University.

The Gestapo also confiscated the A. At least four other Rothschild-founded institutions suffered the same fate.

Max von-Goldscmidt was forced to sell the property to the city of Frankfurt for justreichsmarks less tax. In the aftermath of Kristallnacht he was also obliged to sell his art collection to the city for 2. Hitler wanted to destroy Communism, a fact that earned him the immense hatred and animosity of the Jewish organisations and the media and politicians of the west which they could influence.

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The German invasion of France in May increased their number substantially. UntilMax Warburg benefited from his cordial personal relationship with Dr. When the Warburg bank itself was Aryanized in Mayan era that began in came to an end.

The firm was turned over to a non-Jewish employee, Rudolf Brinckmann, and Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge Warburg left his Hamburg office for the last time. A short while later he left Germany forever, dying in in the United States.

Lye ACID victim Carmen Tarleton has spoken about her forgiveness to the ex husband who beat and disfigured her beyond recognition.

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