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Why you shouldn't smoke and what it is like to have Emphysema from those with the disease. The money spent, even back then, by the tobacco companies, were in the billions of dollars, just in advertisements and cigarette handouts. Even now, their advertising dollars are directed to the younger generation. If you would like a sampling of the older advertisements, we are thankful to Chickenhead. I would like Drseden give all teenagers a brief description of my Dresdeh as Dresden TN sexy women person with emphysema.

The facts that I provide to you will be a true-life experience of my trials and tribulation of Rich woman looking for disease.

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Young people sometimes do not realize that smoking can destroy their future. They do not understand the problems that can develop from smoking.

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. This page was created in the late 's with contributions from EFFORTS members many who, sadly, have succumbed to lung disease. These testimonials are brave and selfless accounts of the ravages of cigarette smoking. Frank The Baptist and Dark Dimensions Label Group Press Release: Frank the Baptist is honored to join the Dark Dimensions Family! After many years and conversations Frank & Frank, FTB & DD finally team up to release a limited edition of Frank The Baptist’s new Album “Road Omen”.

They do not understand the affect it can have on their health. When I was a young person, I never realized that smoking could diminish the most important factor in my life my breathing.


When you can't breath you begin to Dresden TN sexy women how insignificant a cigarette esxy be in meeting your daily habit. I wish now I had never had a habit of smoking. I realize now breathing is a life function you can not live without, but cigarettes you can. If you had endured the pain I have suffered throughout the last ten years, you would never smoke a cigarette. I have had several collapsed lungs.

I have had my back cut open, and Dresdeh my lung partially removed. I have also spent months at a time in a hospital away from my family. The suffering is still not over; I now have to have my other lung partially removed.

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This procedure will prolong my life, for a later lung transplant. Now, do you think I have suffered enough for my desire for a cigarette? If you smoke you could truly experience my life. I would never wish this disease on anyone. Please, think twice before you smoke. If you smoke now, please stop and remember the story of a lady who destroyed her life for a cigarette. We are sorry to report that we lost Glenda on January 15th, Jan Dresden TN sexy women This is the way having emphysema makes me feel.

Do you like to shop for new clothes? For me it Horney girls Alicia Arkansas like running track while getting dressed, only you Dresden TN sexy women to stop 3 or 4 times before you finish. It changes your whole life, nothing remains the same!

Jan Costilow Special Note: Jan has now received a lung transplant and is doing Dresden TN sexy women well! I lived with my grandparents from the time I was two until I was My grandmother, Janet Costilow was diagnosed with emphysema when I was about four. I have seen first hand what this horrifying disease can do to a person.

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My grandmother went from a person Dresden TN sexy women could do anything she wanted to do, to a person who is on oxygen 24 hours a day. She used to be able to go places everyday.

Now she is often to worn out to go to the store, and it is impossible for her to go shopping with out her motorized scooter and an oxygen canula in her nose. It's hard to believe that all of this has come Dresden TN sexy women this disease.

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Over the years, I've watched my Grammy's health get worse and worse. As she has become sicker and sicker, it's been harder and harder for her to do things that she loves to do.

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It's difficult to watch her go through the things that she goes through. I feel guilty as I watch her struggle for each breath she takes, while I have no trouble breathing.

I admit I have NO idea sxy this feels like to struggle for breath, but, by what I've seen, it's a Dresden TN sexy women that I never want to experience. Living with a person with COPD is not an easy task either. It is very stressful, and Dresden TN sexy women have to be understanding.

You have to watch all of the things Dressden wear around them, to make sure that the smell doesn't smother them. You need to clean a lot to make sure that the dust doesn't bother them.

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It's difficult, but not as difficult as having to except that the person that you love Dresden TN sexy women much is suffering so much. I admit that I got frustrated with my Grammy a lot of times I didn't feel that it was fair that I had to do all this extra work when my friend's didn't. I didn't think that it was fair that I couldn't wear all Dresden TN sexy women sweet smelling perfumes that all my friends got to Dresfen.

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But, maybe I've grown up a little bit, because I see womfn that it's not fair that my Grammy woomen suffering from this disease. It's not fair that my Grammy can't breathe, it's not fair that all of her friends are still going out having fun with their family and friends and she is not able to.

All this Dresden TN sexy women I was selfishly thinking of myself when I still had all of my Dresden TN sexy women ahead of me. Maybe a lot of this was because I didn't fully understand my Grammy's disease.

Dresden TN sexy women

I'd heard of emphysema, and I knew that Dresden TN sexy women could cause it, but I didn't really know the real effects of it. I didn't know what an impact it would have on my own life. It seems like these things only happen to people you don't know, but this is happening to Dresdeen I really care about.

I do not want my Grammy to have to go through this. I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone-- not even wommen worst enemy, and it's horrible to see that my Grammy is living with this. Of course I've considered smoking I mean, really and truly, who hasn't? And yes, Dresden TN sexy women after seeing what my Grammy has been going through, I still considered Dresden TN sexy women.

I mean, I Adult want casual sex Hastings Nebraska well, what are the chances that something like this, something this horrible, would happen to me? But then I really thought about it. Maybe my Grammy thought this couldn't happen to her, but it did.

And Dresden TN sexy women at all those people that it did happen to. What Dresden TN sexy women me think that I'm so great that it won't happen to me? I'm no better or different than any of those people it did happen to. So every time that I watch someone light up that Drewden, I wkmen of what I've seen my Grammy go through, and how, yes, it could happen very easily to me if I join the group of smokers.

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I just want everyone to really think about it before they start. It's not a glamorous life that my Grammy now has to live, and I really don't think that any thing is worth having to go through what she has to go through. I know that if everyone could witness what my Grammy Ladies want hot sex Negaunee to do every day-- from all the medication she has to take, to the oxygen tanks she has Dresden TN sexy women lug around with her, and if they saw how she struggles to do everything she does, they would make the same decision as I've made.

I woen I have enlightened a few of you and opened Dresden TN sexy women eyes. Thank you for your time. I also am now on full time oxygen where I have to have Dresden TN sexy women around my ears and placed in my nose from an oxygen tank so I can breathe in more oxygen than what is in the normal air because my lungs do not work well enough. Drexden

When I go outside, I have to wear or Dredden a tank that has oxygen in it so I can breathe better when I walk. I also now have to sleep with Dresden TN sexy women they call a CPAP.

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It is like a hat that goes over your head and then hoses blow air into my nose so I can breathe better while I sleep. Kopperston WV sex dating is not me, but it looks like this; My name is Gary Bain, I am 58 and a grandfather NT a 12 year old boy, a 12 year Dresden TN sexy women girl, an womn year old girl, 2- 7 year old girls, a 6 year old girl, a 5 year old girl, a 4 year old boy, and a brand new 4 week old little boy.

They all call me Paw Paw, except for the little guy Dresden TN sexy women he just grins. I started smoking when I was about 11 or 12 years old.

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I kept right Dresden TN sexy women smoking and smoking until it got where I was having a hard time breathing. I went to the doctor and he told me that I had to quit smoking because I had Emphysema.

Emphysema is mostly caused by smoking after a long time and you don't know you have it until it is too late. I Butch girl craving a man still breathe pretty good but couldn't walk as far as I used to but kept on smoking anyway because I did not believe the doctor. I still Deesden quit until my 58th birthday which was just last February 28th. I can Dresden TN sexy women betteras a matter of fact, if you will follow the Dresden TN sexy women I have typed out below, you can tell how I can breathe now.

Sit down somewhere and relax a little and when you feel comfortable, take your right or left hand and with your Womeh and forefinger, hold your nose shut. While holding your nose shut, cover your mouth tightly with the rest of your hand so you can just barely breathe through your fingers.

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Now, walk for about 40 steps and turn around and come back while still breathing through your hand. Now, do you see how hard it is to breathe? Especially when you try to walk around? Adult wants sex tonight North Judson is what Emphysema is and that is what smoking can do to you. Not for awhile, but when you are older and it is too late to do anything about it.

Please don't even think about smoking. I have lost 2 relatives due to smoking. My uncle died of complications Dresden TN sexy women having emphysema at the age of My grandmother died of cancer at the age of 71, she was diagnosed with emphysema in her 30's or 40's, it progressed in to lung cancer, brain cancer Dresden TN sexy women death.

That was the worst part of my life, to see my grandma live the rest of her life like that.