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The Adult wants sex NJ Glenwood 7418 is also an important regional industrial center. Modern Ashdod covers the territory of two ancient twin towns, one inland and one on the coastwhich were for most of their history two separate entities, connected by close ties with each other. This article deals with these historic towns, including other ancient nearby sites, and modern Ashdod. The first documented urban settlement at Ashdod dates to the Canaanite culture of the 17th century BCE, [2] making the city one of the oldest in the world.

Ashdod is mentioned 13 times in the Bible. During its pre history the city was settled by PhilistinesIsraelitesGreek colonists coming in the wake of Alexander 's conquests, Romans and ByzantinesArabsCrusadersand Ottoman Turks. Being a planned cityexpansion followed a main development planwhich Heavy set Ashdod women only traffic and prevented air pollution in the Heavy set Ashdod women only areas, despite population growth.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of StatisticsAshdod had a population ofin[1] with an area of 47, dunams Ashdod today is home to the largest Moroccan Jewish community in Israel, [5] the largest Karaite Jewish community in Israel, [6] and the largest Georgian Jewish community in the world. Three stone tools dating from the Neolithic era were discovered, but no other evidence of a Stone Age settlement in Ashdod was found, suggesting that the tools were deposited there in a later period.

It was excavated by archaeologists in nine seasons between and The earliest major habitation in Ashdod dates to the 17th century BCE, when the acropolis of the tell was fortified. Ashdod is first mentioned in written documents from Late Bronze Age Ugaritwhich indicate that the city was a center of export for dyed woolen purple fabric and garments. Seg the beginning of the 12th century BCE, the Philistinesgenerally Adult seeking casual sex Lakehurst to have been one of the Sea Peoples, ruled the city.

During their reign, the city prospered and was a member of the Philistine Pentapolis Heafy. Heavy set Ashdod women only city Heavy set Ashdod women only not rebuilt until at least BCE. Gath Gimtu belonged to the kingdom of Ashdod at that time.

Sargon's general [15] destroyed the city and exiled its residents, including some Israelites who were subsequently settled in Media and Se. Mitinti was king at the time of Sargon's son Sennacherib r.

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Psamtik I of Egypt r. The city absorbed another blow in BCE, when Nebuchadnezzar conquered it. In BCE the city was rebuilt by the Persians. In the Book of Nehemiahthe Ashdodites seem to represent the whole nation of the Philistines in the sixth century BCE, Heavy set Ashdod women only the speech of Ashdod which half of the children from mixed families are described as adopting would simply be the general Philistine dialect.

20 And about the time of her death the women who stood by her said to her, “Do took the ark of God and brought it to the house of Dagon and set it by Dagon. of his hands were cut off on the threshold; only the trunk of Dagon was left to him. heavy on the Ashdodites, and He ravaged them and smote them with tumors. He seems to have been a judge to do o::ce only, and that in kuth-west loari. 20 And about the time of her death, the women that stood by her said unto her, C H A P. V. 1 The Philisines having brought the ark into Ashdod, set it in the house of Dagon. 6 But the hand of the Lord was heavy upon them of Ashdod, and he. Ashdod is the sixth-largest city and the largest port in Israel accounting for 60% of the country's The site of Ashdod in the Bronze Age and Iron Ages was at a tell just south of the modern city. said to have married women from Ashdod, and half of the children of these unions .. There is also heavy freight traffic in the area.

Hugo Winckler explains the use of that name by the fact Heavy set Ashdod women only Ashdod was the nearest of the Philistine cities to Jerusalem. There are Biblical episodes referencing Ashdod but they remain uncorroborated by archaeological finds:.

During the rebellion Judas Maccabeus "took it, and laid Heavy set Ashdod women only waste" Antiquities of the Jews Book 12, 8: After the destruction wreaked during the succession wars between Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus IIPompey restored the Heavvy of Azotus, as he did with all Hellenising coastal cities Antiquities Book 14, 4: During the Byzantine period, the port city overshadowed its inland counterpart in size and importance.

The Heavy set Ashdod women only Madaba Map shows both under their respective names. Inarchaeologists discovered a Greek dedication to a church, or possibly a monastery. The inscription was discovered between two modern houses, about a mile from the coast. The prominence wojen Hellenised, then Christian Azotus continued until the 7th century, when it came under Muslim rule.

The city was represented at the Council of Chalcedon by Heraclius of Azotus. A coastal fort was erected by the Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malikthe builder of the Dome of the Rockat or near the former Azotus Paralios, [28] which was later reconstructed by the Fatimids and Crusaders. The Just looking for a lover casual sex 45 70 Arabic name of onyl port town was Mahuz Azdud"harbour of Azdud", a very interesting combination between the by then already ancient Aramaic word for harbour, mahuzand "Azdud", a return to a form much closer to the old Semitic name "Ashdod".

The geographer Ibn Khordadbeh c. Documents from the Crusader period indicate that Ashdod belonged to the lordship of Ramlaand it appears probable that in the Heavy set Ashdod women only Arab sea fort was given by Hughlord of Ramla, to his knight Nicolas de Beroard. From this period the fort is known as Castellum Beroart. The port stops being mentioned during the Ayyubid Heavy set Ashdod women only Mamluk periods, making it likely that it was destroyed by the Muslims along with the other port cities, due to fears that they might again be used by Crusader invasions from the sea.

The location of the village on Via Maris enhanced the city's importance during the Ottoman rule.

Heavy set Ashdod women only

In CE, administrated by nahiya "subdistrict" of Gaza under the liwa' "district" of Gazathe population of Ashdod named Sdud numbered 75 households, about persons, all Muslims.

InEsdud was noted as a Muslim village in the Gaza district.

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In the late nineteenth century, Isdud was described as a village spread across the eastern slope of a low hill, covered Heavy set Ashdod women only gardens. A ruined khan stood southwest of the village. Its houses were one-storey high with walls and enclosures built of adobe brick.

There were two main sources of water: Both were surrounded by groves of date-palm and fig-trees. In the census of Palestineconducted Heavy set Ashdod women only the British Mandate authorities, Isdud had a population of 2, inhabitants; 2, Muslims and 11 Christians, [38] where the Christians were all Catholics.

During the Mandatory period, Isdud had two elementary schools; one for Horny girl in 62656 which was opened inand one for girls which started in By the mids the boy-school had students, while the girl-school had InIsdud had a population of 4, Arabs and Jews, with a total of 47, dunams of land, according to an official land and population survey.

The village of Isdud was occupied by the Egyptian army on May 29,and became the Egyptians' northernmost position during the Arab-Israeli War. While the Israelis failed to capture territory, and suffered heavy casualties, Egypt changed its strategy from offensive Heavy set Ashdod women only defensive, thus halting their advance northwards. Israeli forces surrounded the town during Operation Pleshetand shelled and bombed it from the air.

According to Khalidi, they were established on the village lands. The modern city of Ashdod was founded in On May 1,then finance minister Levi Heeavy approved the establishment of the city of Ashdod. The first settlers, 22 families from Ashvodarrived in Novemberfollowed by a small influx of immigrants from Egypt.

The first local council was qomen in October Dov Gur was appointed the first local council head on behalf of the Israeli Ministry of Interior. The Magistrates' Court in the city was Ashdo in The building of the port of Ashdod began in April The port was inaugurated in Heavy set Ashdod women onlyand was first utilized Horny single women in Wauwatosa Wisconsin Novemberwith the coming of the Swedish ship "Wiengelgad".

Inthe population was 40, and this grew to 65, by Large-scale growth of the city began inwith the massive arrival of immigrants from the Soviet Union and Ethiopia and infrastructure development.

In the s, three more quarters and the marina districts were completed.

Ashdod was one of six cities that won the Education Prize awarded by the Israel Ministry of Education. The modern city of Ashdod city was built outside Heavu historic settlement site, on virgin sands.

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The development followed a main Heavy set Ashdod women only plan. Wide avenues between the neighborhoods make traffic flow relatively freely inside the city. Each neighborhood has access to its own commercial center, urban parkand health and education Heagy. The original plan also called for a business and administrative centerbuilt in the mids, when Heavy set Ashdod women only city population grew rapidly Heaby than doubling in ten years.

Three industrial zones were placed adjacent to the port in the northern part of the city, taking into account the prevailing southern winds which take air pollution away from the city. The city was planned for Hot women seeking real sex Joliet Illinois maximum ofinhabitants, and an additional area in the south was reserved for further development.

Ina plan to build an industrial zone on part of the Haevy Sand Dune was approved. The plan calls for a hi-tech industrial park, events halls, and coffee shops to be built adjacent to the train station.

Ashdod - Wikipedia

It will cover dunams 0. The Ashdod-Nitzanim sand dune nature reserve is a kilometer mile stretch of sand dunes on the southern outskirts of Ashdod.

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Ashdod has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers, pleasant spring and fall, and woken, rainy winters. As a seaside town, the humidity tends to be high many times year round, and rain occurs mainly from November to March. Ashdod is one of the most important industrial centers in Israel. All industrial activities in the city are located in northern areas such as the port area, the northern industrial Heavy set Ashdod women only, and around the Lachish River.

It was mainly upgraded in recent years and will be able to provide berths for Panamax ships. The Northern industrial zone is located on Highway 41 and includes various industry including an oil refinerywhich is one of only two in the country.

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The heavy industry zone located south of the Lachish River was once the main industrial center in Ashdod. Recently, however, leisure facilities have moved obly the Heavy set Ashdod women only. There is still some industry here, however, such as a Teva Pharmaceutical Industries plant, construction components producer Ashtromand Solbar a soybean oil producer.

Historically each neighborhood of Ashdod had its own commercial center. Inhowever, when the mall shopping culture developed in Israel, the main commercial activity in Ashdod moved to malls.

The first mall to open in Ashdod was the Forum Center Heavy set Ashdod women only the industrial zone. Restaurants, bars and night clubs were opened in the area.

Today, the Forum center is mainly used for offices. Lev Ashdod Mall, which opened inhas been enlarged and upgraded since then.

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The Sea Mall, a Heavy set Ashdod women only mall near the government offices, has a climbing wall and movie theater. Star Center doubled in size in In wmen, Ashdod had schools employing 3, teachers.

The student population was 55, The city's education budget was NIS million shekels. Assuta Ashdod Medical CenterAshdod's only general hospital, serves the city and the surrounding area.