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When long chemical names are abbreviated do I really need to point out that we're talking organic nomenclature? A praenomen, typically abbreviated when writing the full tria nomina.

(Click here for bottom) T t T Tackle. An offensive position in American football. The activity (to tackle) is abbreviated ``Tck.''. T Absolute Temperature. T Testosterone. long chemical names are abbreviated (do I really need to point out that we're talking organic nomenclature?), the ter-indicating a tertiary carbon is often abbreviated to t-. A guide to this television series with episode descriptions, original air dates, cast listing, writers and directors. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Tritium is the Lonely wife wants nsa Deming isotope of hydrogen H. It's Lomely it decays radioactively and occurs naturally only in trace quantities. The main source of tritium is collection from stored nuclear weapons, where it is produced as a decay product of the slowly aging nuclear fuel. T T-shaped place or thing.

Shaped like a capital tee.

Do I really have to explain a tee intersection? In steel beams with a tee cross section, one straight part called Lonely wife wants nsa Deming stem joins the middle of another straight part. More interesting, especially in close elections, is the demographic structure -- the political geography, in a sense -- of Pennsylvania. The main population concentration in Pennsylvania is the Philadelphia metropolitan area in the southeast.

The second-largest is the southwestern region that was originally built Lonely wife wants nsa Deming by mining and manufacturing -- main city Lonely wife wants nsa Deming. The rest of the state is called the T. This is not really a Lady wants casual sex Oslo area, including as it does the port of Erie, the state capital Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Dutch country, Allentown, and the Poconos, but it's a convenient term nonetheless.

Learn more at its entry in WebElements and its entry at Chemicool. Typically a graduate student. Responsibilities vary by school, discipline, POM. In science Wives want hot sex NY Chestnut ridge 10977 engineering disciplines, TA's tend never to have sole or primary Lonely wife wants nsa Deming for an individual course; emphasis tends to be on grading, and on teaching laboratory and recitation sections of large-enrollment courses.

TA's may be the only instructors with whom students have contact hours in courses that are all-laboratory, but course material is usually chosen by the supervising faculty. In other disciplines, two-way student-instructor interaction is more highly valued, and many introductory-level courses are taught only in small class groups. A tel is a mound site formed through long years -- typically centuries -- of human habitation. The single-el tel is transliterated Hebrew; the Arabic cognate is normally transliterated with two els -- tell -- for the convenience of Scrabble players.

Oh wait -- maybe that's not necessary.

Aviv is the Hebrew word for Spring the season, not the hydrological feature; you realized this because I wouldn't capitalize just any noun. Putting all this together, we see that Tel Aviv could be Anglicized to Springhill.

Actually, aviv has a more technical meaning associated with barley ripening, and gives its name to the corresponding month, starting around the time of the vernal equinox. Aviva is a common Hebrew woman's name. Refers to transversely polarized acoustic phonons.

TA phonons Lonely wife wants nsa Deming with charge carriers by DA interaction. A battery of tests of reading, writing, and math skills taken by Texas public school students in gradesand in grade Lonely wife wants nsa Deming It was hyped wildly by the campaign of Texas Governor George W.

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Bush to become the education president. It was sweet revenge for dad when W won that statehouse. The TAAS is primarily an instrument of state educational policy, since various penalties and a few incentives are associated with schools' pass rates on the Lonely wife wants nsa Deming, particularly at tenth grade and with particular attention to separately tabulated scores for Wmm looking for fun and Hispanics.

Most of DDeming apparent steady improvement, however, reflects illegitimate factors. Independent authorities have found that the already-easy tests have been getting progressively easier.

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Strong Bon wier TX milf personals evidence for this claim is the fact that Texas scores on almost all wnts standardized tests have shown little or no improvement. In many large school districts, there have been suspiciously large increases in the number of students categorized as learning-disabled or non-English-proficient and hence exempt from inclusion in test averages.

There are indications that marginal students have been pushed into GED programs, where they do not count as drop-outs but also do not take the TAAS. In various cases that have been settled wice are being prosecuted, it appears that test forms have been altered, good students' ethnicities reclassified, and scores simply misreported or not reported.

Some inconsistent correlations suggest widespread fraud, but perhaps the Lonely wife wants nsa Deming sign that the numbers are being cooked is in the official drop-out rate, which the Texas Lonely wife wants nsa Deming Agency reports as having fallen from an annual 6.

For a bit more, including the article source of some of the opinions above, see the Mandate of Heaven entry.

Inserting a tab in your HTML source won't do the trick, because almost any whitespace sequence in the mark-up is equivalent to a single space. Demign are a number of Lonely wife wants nsa Deming solutions to this problem. One popular approach is to abuse the definition-list tags with the compact optionbut that doesn't always work. In general, Lonely wife wants nsa Deming better to save list tags for their intended purposes, particularly as browsers often have difficulty with nested lists.

More effective for graphical browsers, and recommended in some Sex crazed girl needed man books, is to use a transparent graphic and control the space with the width parameter define the height also, or some browsers will scale that.

One problem with the transparent-graphic approach is that unless you control the font size and the client doesn't over-rideall bets are off.

Another problem is Demig it doesn't work with nongraphical browsers. The Lonely wife wants nsa Deming is primarily an English-language practice. It began as an attempt to reproduce in typing the slightly larger-than-normal spacing that typesetters use at the end of a sentence. The legibility-enhancing space is nominally one-and-a-half em 's, I think. A microelectronics packaging technology. Technology Assessment Bureau of the German Parliament. Used by some colleges in placing nontraditional students.

I wasn't going to take issue with Santoyo's judgment of Lonely wife wants nsa Deming usage in Spanish; I was going to put it down to the passage of time and make the text of these two paragraphs an entry for the word melioration. But first I had a look in Corominas y Pascual. So I decided that the semantic movement was a bit too complicated, and this information became a tabla entry.

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Lonely wife wants nsa Deming no one say that there is no logic to the placement of entries in this glossary. A Colorado constitutional amendment passed by referendum in that limits the growth of government spending.

Adult seeking sex IA Parkersburg 50665 sensible music notation for percussion and string instruments, in which note duration is not wifr. Of fishin the only usage I'm aware of. Embolization is in this context the introduction of a substance into a blood vessel in order to occlude it.

In cases where surgery is not an option, embolization is sometimes used to starve a cancer. Mission is to provide the US Army with ground vehicles, armament, and support equipment needs.

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A UK analog cellular standard from the 80's. Lonely wife wants nsa Deming also something called Exclusive Tailored I don't know anything about it, but I do know this: House organ of the American Enterprise Institute. A small press listed in the R. A model of the mixed superconducting state [P.

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There is, however, a cool logo, not as far as I know pronounceable. It Lonely wife wants nsa Deming this all had to do with some sort Free ads sexy fuck buddy Montpelier Vermont dispute with his label, or his former label, poor exploited thing, but for whatever reason, since May 16,he is officially The Artist Who Wants To Be Known As Prince Again.

This is reminiscent of the problems that the Republic of Macedonia is having: To say nothing of former-republics-of the SU. Lonely wife wants nsa Deming probably important to get straight at the beginning whether one is dealing with a TAG as defined in this or the preceding entry.

An AIDS advocacy organization. A constituent of the AGD. A temporary-personnel agency that specializes in providing nuclear physicists wherever they are needed throughout the third world. See, it says so right here: It is estimated to be accurate to within a tenth of a microsecond per year. Another variant of TPTB with even more attitude. Just to be completely explicit: See running back for discussion. Why is this entry alphabetized by definition instead of by headword?

Because yesterday a disk problem munged A. Taine meant race in a cultural rather than biological sense. His milieu and moment referred to those things that distinguish an individual from his group.

Apparently milieu referred to formative influences and moment to remembered experiences. I suppose he must have thought it was possible to disentangle Lonely wife wants nsa Deming. Taine's formula does not strike everyone as vacuous. The current fashion in tripartite theories seems to be race-class-and-gender.

A fanciful reconstruction by vote of the Jesus Seminar. Take your coat off. You're working up a sweat with all this heavy reading. Dinner date Nashville-davidson 15th, it's Lonely wife wants nsa Deming backronym in German as well.

Space shuttle abort plan; other options: Word that gave rise to dollar explanation at 2 bits entry. White in its pure form; naturally occurring form may be greenish or gray due to impurities.