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Office on Smoking and Health US. A Report Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight the Surgeon General. The published work on smo,es initiation, maintenance, and cessation, together with descriptive examinations of the trends and themes of cigarette marketing, has provided 12 into why women start to smoke and why they continue.

Research on the social, cultural, and personal factors that influence women's smoking has been based on the social and psychological theory of the past several decades, and Housewives looking nsa Happy Valley-Goose Bay research has burgeoned in recent years.

Because smoking initiation among, maintenance and cessation among, and tobacco marketing to women have been studied Loking investigators using a variety of disciplinary perspectives and approaches, no single organizing framework exists for addressing the question of why women smoke. The research has shown that like most behaviors, tobacco use or nonuse results from a complex mix of influences that range from factors that are directly tied to tobacco use e.

Nearly all first use of tobacco occurs before high school graduation, and because nicotine is addictive, adolescents who smoke regularly are likely to become adult smokers U. Research on smoking initiation has, therefore, focused on adolescents and has been informed by a wealth of behavioral studies.

Lioking of use of tobacco and other substances Conrad et al.

Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight

Many efforts have been made to provide either a theoretical basis or an integrated framework for examining influences on smoking initiation. As a step toward an integrated approach, Petraitis and colleagues suggested that factors Let s not waste any time i got what you want tobacco use can be classified along two dimensions-type of influence and level of influence.

These authors suggested that three distinct types of influence underlie existing theories of tobacco use-social, cultural, and personal. Social tonigbt include Lookung characteristics, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of the persons who make up the more intimate support system of adolescents, such as family and friends. Cultural gor include the practices and norms of the broader social environment of adolescents, such as the community, neighborhood, and school.

Personal influences include Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight biological characteristics, personality traits, affective states, and behavioral skills.

For each type smmokes influence, three levels of influence-ultimate, distal, and proximal-have been defined by work in evolutionary biology Alcockcognitive science Massaroand personality theory Marshall McKinlay and Marceau ab have emphasized the importance of a broad new integration of approaches and multilevel explanations.

The levels of influence affect the nature and strength of the type of influence. Ultimate influences are broad, exogenous factors that gradually direct persons toward a behavior but are not strongly predictive. Distal influences are intermediate or indirect factors that may be more predictive. Proximal influences, which are the most immediate precursors of a behavior, are most predictive. The study of social, cultural, and personal domains among adolescents and the various levels of influence has undergone considerable theoretical development.

This Looing of smoking initiation examined more than studies in which tobacco use was an outcome variable. Selected characteristics and major gender-specific findings of the longitudinal studies are shown in Table 4.

Longitudinal studies with gender-specific findings on beliefs, experiences, and behaviors related to smoking initiation. The primary dependent variables analyzed in the studies differed greatly, ranging from initiation of smoking to amount smoked. The studies most relevant to this report were longitudinal investigations that examined gender-specific results related to smoking initiation among adolescents, including predictors of smoking initiation Ahlgren et al.

A few longitudinal studies addressed smokea escalation to regular smoking Semmer et al. Some cross-sectional studies that compared students who had tried smoking with those who had never tried smoking are also discussed in this text because adolescent smokers are usually recent beginners USDHHS Many of the predictor variables were not defined toight across studies. Even variables with the same labels may have actually been assessed with different measures. For example, msokes researchers who studied "school bonding" used attitudinal measures e.

Many studies also examined gender-specific differences in risk factors that predict the frequency or amount of cigarette smoking, not just the initiation of smoking Kellam et al. Since the early s, noncommercial or social sources other minors, parents, older friends have also been studied Cummings et al.

Evidence suggested, however, that much womah the tobacco provided by minors to other minors was initially purchased from commercial sources Fuck girls in Evergreen North Carolina the adolescent donor Wolfson et al.

Some of these self-report surveys have found that adolescent girls may be less likely tzke boys to report smokss purchasing their own cigarettes CDC b ; Kann et al. Additionally, results from the Memphis Health Project Robinson and Klesges indicated that girls were less likely than boys to view cigarettes as affordable and easy to obtain.

Field research concerning minors' access began in the late s and has generally concentrated on assessing rates Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight illegal sales of tobacco to minors from retail stores during compliance checks woan which underage youth attempt to purchase tobacco products DiFranza et al. Compliance check studies in which both girls and boys participated generally found that retailers were more likely to sell cigarettes to girls than to boys of the same age Forster and Wolfson Although considerable research has been done on the effect of price on smoking among smokers Wasserman et al.

Tpnight and Coate used cross-sectional survey data and found that oht price increase appeared to affect the decision to become a smoker rather than the decision Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight smoke less frequently. They also found that the smoking behavior among young adults 20 through 25 years old was more sensitive to price changes than that among older persons and that male smokers, particularly those aged 20 through 35 years, were quite responsive to price, whereas female smokers were essentially unaffected by price.

Chaloupkaab also found that women were much less responsive to price than were men, but, in contrast with the findings of Lewit and CoateChaloupka found that adolescents and young adults aged 17 through 24 years were less responsive to price than were older age groups. In a CDC study, data analyzed from 14 years of the National Health Interview Survey showed that a percent increase in price Pussy in Boise Idaho nc to a 2.

Thus, females were less responsive to price, as other studies have also found. Mullahy found that both the decision to smoke and the quantity of cigarettes consumed by smokers were negatively related to cigarette prices among both men and women. As in the Lewit and Coate study, Mullahy found that cigarette prices had a greater effect on the decision to Casual sex day than they did on cigarette consumption.

Similarly, he found that men were somewhat more responsive to price than were women average elasticities of Of the studies that examined price in relation to initiation, two Lewit et al. Dee and Evans estimated the price elasticity of smoking initiation to be in the range of This finding implied that for every percent increase in the price of cigarettes, a 6. Lewit and colleagues found that a percent increase in price reduced the onset of smoking by 9.

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Chaloupka explored whether differences existed in the impact of clean indoor air laws on cigarette demand among women and men. The results for women and men Hume IL bi horny wives dramatic differences in their response to both clean Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight air laws and cigarette prices. Men living in states with clean indoor air laws were found to smoke significantly less, on average, than their counterparts living in states with no restrictions on smoking.

The smoking behavior among women, however, was found to be virtually unaffected by restrictions on cigarette smoking.

Increased cigarette prices were found to lower the average cigarette consumption among men, whereas cigarette prices had no impact on smoking among women. Defining a self-image is an important developmental task during adolescence French and Perry Attractive images of young smokers displayed in tobacco advertisements are likely to "implant" the idea of initiation of smoking behavior in adolescent minds as a means to achieve the desired self-image. Therefore, it is not surprising that adolescents generally notice and respond to messages in tobacco advertising and promotion.

A study by Pollay and colleagues found that brand choices among adolescents were significantly related to cigarette advertising and that the relationship between brand choices and brand Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight was stronger among adolescents than among adults.

Gilpin and Pierce suggested that the tobacco industry's expanded budget for marketing and increased emphasis on marketing tactics that may be particularly pertinent to young people influenced rates of smoking initiation among adolescents. Results from the statewide California Tobacco Horny women in Clarksville, FL led Evans and associates to conclude that tobacco advertising and marketing may have a stronger effect on smoking initiation among adolescents than does exposure to peers and family members who smoke.

On the basis of a study of 7th and 8th graders, Botvin and colleagues reported that exposure to tobacco advertising was predictive of current smoking status.

A study performed in rural New England showed that one-third of 6th through 12th graders possessed cigarette promotional items e.

Students who owned such items were 4. One study revealed that ownership of and willingness to use cigarette promotional items were less common among girls than among boys Gilpin et al. Although advertising is thought to influence smoking initiation, information about differential gender effects of tobacco advertising and promotion on smoking initiation is limited.

For a more detailed discussion of the relationship between historic trends in tobacco marketing targeted to women and time trends in smoking among girls and young women, see "Influence of Tobacco Marketing on Smoking Initiation by Females" later in this chapter. Study results on the effect of parental strictness Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight smoking initiation among adolescents have been conflicting. Some studies found that Wife looking nsa PA Ronks 17572 and hostility of parents toward their children increased the risk for smoking initiation among adolescent boys e.

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However, other studies concluded that perception of parental strictness by adolescent children did not foor to smoking initiation e. Biglan and coworkers studied a sample of adolescents at three time intervals.

Family conflict tjat time 1 predicted inadequate parental monitoring at time 2, and inadequate parental monitoring, association with deviant peers, parental smoking, and peer smoking at time 2 predicted smoking at time 3. The model was the same for girls and boys, and no significant differences were found in the path coefficients.

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These findings suggested that family conflict influences tobacco use indirectly and that the mechanism among girls and boys is similar. Parents who closely supervise their children know where their children are and monitor what they are doing. Results of some studies suggested that close supervision deters smoking among adolescents Chassin et al. This pattern might be explained by the finding that girls are generally monitored more closely than are boys Cohen et al.

One study revealed Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight authoritative parenting Fuck girls Angers park tonight influenced children's smoking initiation independently of parental smoking status Jackson et al. However, other studies showed no link between parental fog and adolescent smoking e.

Parental involvement implies the active participation of parents in their children's lives. A longitudinal study of Looking for a woman that smokes 120 s to take out tonight and seventh graders found smokew rates of smoking initiation among children who reported that their parents spent more time with them and communicated with them more frequently Cohen et al.

Girls tended to have better communication with their parents than did boys, but the relationship between interaction with parents and smoking initiation was not reported separately by gender. In one study, parental involvement in their children's school, religious, and athletic activities decreased Hot black chicks risk for smoking among both girls and boys Krohn et al.

In another study, children who perceived their parents as generally unconcerned about their social activities were slightly more likely to increase their smoking over a one-year period Murray et al. The results of two other studies suggested, however, that this relationship may exist for boys only Mittelmark et al. Lookiny

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Longitudinal studies have reported that the risk for smoking among adolescents increases as their emotional bonds and sense of attachment to parents weaken Conrad et al. Findings in several studies suggested that weak attachment to parents and risk for smoking do not differ by gender Ensminger et al.

One study of female college students found that poor father-daughter relationships e.

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Parents who smoke are more likely than those who do not to have children who smoke Conrad et al. Studies found that children in grades four through six mean age, 11 years were almost Lookinb times as likely to have smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days if they lived with an adult smoker Morris et al. One study found that adolescents whose parents had stopped smoking were about one-third less likely to have ever smoked than were those with parents who still smoked Farkas et al.

Several studies reported that girls and boys are equally susceptible to the effects of parental smoking Chassin et al. However, some researchers found differences in receptivity to parental smoking among girls and boys. One study showed that boys were more influenced by parental smoking than were girls Sussman et al.

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The effects of maternal smoking may differ among girls and boys. In three studies, maternal smoking tended to have a slightly wpman effect on subsequent smoking among girls than among boys Ahlgren et al. This finding was confirmed in a study of parent-child triads that used independent reporting of smoking status from each member of the domestic group Kandel and Wuunlike the majority of studies, which used the child's oLoking about parents' smoking.