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Looking for interesting people in a boring town

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Public transit and the habit of walking help keeps New Yorkers healthier than their rural counterparts. I grew up in a Philadelphia suburb called Doylestown.

Actually when my parents — Philadelphia natives — ib moved there in the late s, it barely qualified as a suburb; cornfields and dairy farms still filled the open land around the quaint Victorian town center. It was, I recognize now, a lovely place to be a kid, if incredibly boring during the actual process of growing up.

But even then I knew it was one thing: There was little violent crime to speak of, especially compared with the crumbling city my parents had left. Perception — no doubt fueled in part by the media — beats reality.

Far from being violent death traps, a large city might just about be the safest place to live in the U. Get the Lead Out: But the study, which analyzed 1, deaths from injury between andfound the rate of dying from an unintentional injury is over 15 times higher than that of homicide for the population as a whole.

Especially car crashes, which make up the bulk of unintentional injury deaths — motor-vehicle-injury-related deaths occurred at a rate that is more than 1. The risk of firearm-related boriny showed no difference across the rural-urban spectrum for the population as a whole, but varied when divided up by age — firearm deaths were significantly higher for children and people ages 45 and older, while for people ages 20 to 44, z risk of firearm deaths were much higher in urban areas.

The result can be tragic. At the same time, the bulk of victims killed by homicide are young men, according to FBI statistics.

And they are more likely to be shot and killed in the cities. Lnteresting guns — whether used accidentally or with intent — are much less likely to be the cause of death than another tool: And people drive more, drive longer, drive faster and drive drunker in rural areas than in urban ones, where they can walk or take public transit.

Motor-vehicle Covington kentucky lesbian. led to We already know that the best way to shrink your carbon footprint is to move to a dense city. Now it turns out that it might be the best way boging stay alive too.