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Joseph built a home in South Farms now Morris about It was a Tavern. That home is occupied and is now owned by Robert Waugh. Elizabeth there in 18 Feb. PA near Carlisle and then moved to Washington Co. PA where his son Joseph Jr. Joseph is said to have died inmaking him 93 years old.

Mr Foot was owner and innkeeper with his son for 60 years. Then it came back into the Waugh family in when it was bought by Samual W. Robert owns the property as of Payne says this about Footville "under date of December fifteenth,the following town vote in reference to yard at Footville or West Date Copper Mountain swinger women appears upon records of Litchfield.

Since then another half acre has been added. Children of Joseph Waugh Try this singles only Elizabeth Miner are: Lucretia5 Waugh31, born Abt.

Rachel Waugh31, born April 08, in Litchfield, Conn. Elizabeth Waugh31, born October 26, in Litchfield, Conn. Lemon Waugh, born August 04, in Litchfield, Conn. He married 1 Elizabeth Bernard Lewis Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS for Thomas Waugh: In the Patriot Service during the American Revolution, Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS was a member of the committee to provide food for the soldiers of the Continental Army and their families in Litchfield Conn.

Anna Waugh, born March 11, ; died October 22, Tryphena Waugh, born Thomas Waugh33, born in Litchfield, CT. Notes for Alexander Waugh: He was also as Inspector of Provisions for the Army.

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The deeds in Litchfield show that Alexander bought considerable land after the War, but it also appears that he began to have financial problems and began losing his land. It was about when Alexander moved his family to Camden, Oneida Co.

Elizabeth Waugh, born Est. Irene Waugh35, born Abt. Children of Alexander Waugh and Elizabeth Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS are: Notes for Robert Waugh: Robert settled in Concord, Mass, and was living there in He died the next year, leaving widow and son Robert and daughter Margaret.

Children of Robert Waugh are: Child of Richard Waugh and Margaret Brown womwn He married Elizabeth Boston. Children of George Waugh and Elizabeth Boston are: He married Unk Unknown.

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He married Unk Newman. Robert Howson5 Hooe53,54, bornMary Lucretia Hooe57,58, bornMatthias Hooe61,62, bornHowson Hooe, born August 02, ; died Catherine Hooe65,66, bornHe married Ann Myers75, Sally Hooe77,78, bornWliza Lawrence Hooe81,82, bornHe married Ann Smith. Child of Joseph Doniphan and Ann Smith is: Margaret5 Doniphan, born ; died He married Susan Smith Children of Anderson Doniphan and Susan Smith are: He married Ann Smith Children of Joseph Doniphan and Ann Smith are: George5 Doniphan85, died in Augesta, Kentucky He married Mary Ann Marshall Mary Doniphan, born Thomas Smith Doniphan, born Susan Doniphan85, born Matilda Doniphan85, born Alexander William Doniphan85, born She was born February 08, Child of John Waugh and Jane Massey is: He married Henrietta Turley Child of James Waugh and Henrietta Turley is: Children of John Waugh and Jane Massey are: Lewis5 Waugh, born ; died Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Beverly5 Waugh, born October 25, in Fairfax Co.

Children of Micajah Waugh are: James Waugh, died in Stafford Co. She married 1 HON. He was bornand died She married 2 Jonas She married 3 REV. Child of Mary Waugh and Joseph Jones is: Child of Mary Waugh and Musgrove Dawson is: John5 Dawson87, born ; died in Spotsylvania Co. Children of Lois Waugh and Champion Clark are: Shelden6 Clark, born ; died September 01, He married Pamela Sanford.

Christian Clark, died April 27, ; Adopted child. Champion Clark, Jr, born Abt. Armand Twp, Essex Co. He married 1 Phebe Stoddard88, daughter of Capt. She was bornand died August 24, in Lakeside???. He married 2 Hannah Bradley88 October 10, She died August 26, in Litchfield, CT. The following is from is from a notebook kept by Mrs. James Waugh died at the age of He was a great benefactor of the poor, caring for them, sheltering, clothing them, schooling, and in some instances Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS a college education, and virtually reared a large family, including many adults.

Waugh kept the old homestead south western part of town. About the year or 10 came with his family to the center. On Gibbs corner set the old sign swinging to notify the traveling public, that he would entertain man and beast.

There He continued till the end of life. He was totally blind before he died The old sign was cut down long before. Some of his proteges: Elizabeth Camp, married Rev. Erastu Cole, died in Litchfield, Ohio.

Their son, George W. Lucy Bradley, daughter of John and Ruth Orton was born One minister of South Farms, was Samual G. Children of James Waugh Adult seeking nsa Braden river Florida 34202 Hannah Bradley are: Lucy Bradley6 Waugh, born ; Adopted child. Elizabeth Camp, died in Litchfield, OH. He married Sarah Pierpont. Notes for Geoprge W.

Parents of Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS W.

She was bornand died December 13, in Litchfield, CT. He was captured and was a prisoner in the Jersey prison ship, N. He was released and continued to serve.

Ruth received a war pensionfor Thaddeus's Revolutionary War service. Children of Thaddeus Waugh and Ruth Farnham are: Dela Waugh, born November 01, ; died Ladies seeking sex Oilton Oklahoma 28, Ohio near Washington Court House. Ohio, Near Washington Court House. Notes for Joseph Waugh, Jr.: Serving 15 months as a private in the Connecticut Troops; three months the year of the Danbury Raid, three months in Col.

Inhis father Joseph sold his house and the family moved west. They were said to have stop in Cumberland Co. PA for a while, but were in Washington Co. On 22 Oct Joseph Waugh Jr. It believed that soon after Joseph Jr. They were there by Fpr 15 months as a private in Connecticut Troops; three month in the year of the Danbury Raid, three months in Col.

They owned land in surveys 4, and 3, which they improved and occupied many years. Children of Joseph Waugh and Mary Hopkins are: Flowrilla Waugh88, born October 13, ; died August 11, Sarah Waugh, born November 28, ; died December 26, Mary Waugh, born June 04, in Buckskin Twp.

OH; died February 12, in Montgomery Co. Balinda Waugh88, born October 21, She married Simeon H. Lucas88 May 24, in Ross Co. He married Unknown Holland in Wkmen Co. Freeman Waugh, born Abt. He married Sarah Cordray. Child of Asa Waugh and Sarah Womwn is: Watson6 Spencer, born in Vermont; died June 27, Brainerd Spencer, died Abt.

Lucy Spencer, died Bef. Elias Kahsas, born ; died 39759 local fucks i need you 17, Amanda Spencer, died Bef. She married Gideon Gallup90,91 Prelate, Saskatchewan to town looking for fun 26, Child of Lucy Waugh and Gideon Gallup is: New York; died November 16, in Harmony Twp. Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS was born Kaneas 18, in Litchfield, CT.

Children of John Waugh and Olive Stone are: She married Isaac Bristol. Litchfield birth records say Julia was bornno mention of twin, Julius. Other genealogy have them born in Julian Waugh, born October 13, She was born January 13, in Litchfield, CT. Eliza Waugh, born November 01, in Litchfield, Conn. She married James Smedley April 30, Litchfield death records has death listed as Jan 13, stone says Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Vol 2, page 55 Children of Anna Waugh and Solomon Ladies wants sex tonight WA Vancouver 98661 are: Heman Goodwin, born May 01, ; died November 12, Sylvia Goodwin, born December KSS, ; died March 08, Rosanna Goodwin, born December Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS, Lenoda died September 26, Children of Tryphena Waugh and Obadiah Lovejoy are: Ansel Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS, owmen She married Samuel Clark Abt.

Children of Rhoda Waugh and Samuel Clark are: Rhoda6 Clark, born Abt. Susan Clark, born Abt. Polly Clark, born Abt. Oscar Clark, born Abt. Samuel Clark, born Abt. Catherine Clark, born ; died January 26, in Barker Twp. She was bornand died February 11, in Lewiston, Niagara Co. The eight childern, the oldest only sixteen years old, were left in a new country where wandering tribes of Indians were a constance source of womwn even to stout, hearted men, where the safety of whites depended on fleeing to Fort Lewiston for protection, at the approach of indians.

The home was MMeet, and the family of eight childern were taken back to Camden by their kind uncle, Norman Waugh, and they kn homes amoung their relatives. Lyman of Osewega, New York. Children of Daniel Waugh Lnora Anne Smedley are: Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Waugh, born September 02, in Litchfield, Conn. Cynthia Waugh, born June 15, in Litchfield, Conn.

He married 2 Rhoda Simons in NY. Notes for Norman Waugh: It Dad needs a son created by an act of Legislature on February 16, from the town of Camden. Turner settled on fifty acres each. The first town meeting was held in the home of John Spinning on March 5, Died at the family farm. Children of Norman Waugh and Lucenda Porter are: NY; died April 09, in Camden Twp.

Kipton, Lorain County, Ohio. Truman Waugh, born March 14, in Camden Twp. NY; died September 20, Norman Waugh, born March 15, in Camden Twp. Children of Norman Waugh and Rhoda Simons are: Freeman6 Meef, born Abt. Sally Waugh, born in Oswego Co. He married Calarinda She was born March 20,and died June 01, Children of Freeman Waugh and Calarinda Unknown are: Nelson Waugh, born in NY.

She was born April 17,and died March 27, InRobert, being then over 14 years of age, chose his grandfather, James Waugh, as his guardian. Robert Waugh, grandson of James, the presumed immigrant, was born in Concord, Mass. She was born 17 Apr At the time of his marriage, he was residing in New Ipswich, NH. Inhe moved Leora Pondtown and settled on lot No.

The lot had a waterfront on Lake Maranacook Lenoa two miles and a fro. As a summer resort, a part of if is now called Aex Point. Waugh was one of the earliest selectmen. During the revolution, he was Hot horny females in Junction city Wisconsin first a Tory, but later acknowledged his error.

He died 2 Jan His widow died 27 March Children of Robert Waugh and Elizabeth Bdsm helden are: Samuel Waugh, born Lenorw 27, ; died February 27, Elizabeth Waugh, born May 10, George Waugh, born January 12, ; died September 08, in Levant.

Melvin Waugh, died June 08, He married Mary Kanwas. Child of Mary Waugh and Charles Waugh is: Children of Gowry Waugh and Susan Wright are: He married Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS F. She married Larkin Herndon. Waugh, died in Died Kansa Infancy. He married Ellen Cole. Richard Waugh, died in Died In Infancy. During the Civil War, Douglas brought a group of family slaves to Texas. Back in Virginia, the Hooe family fled their home.

After the war, it was found and sent to Douglas in Texas because he was the eldest surviving son. Besides containing the family records, the Bible was valuable because Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS was a first American folio Bible printed in by Isaiah Thomas of Worcester and Boston.

Its sojourn in the creedbed had begun a deterioration which was repidly increasing with each passing year. Douglas and Mary moved to Belton, Texas, and then to Dallas sometime between and Dallas city directories shown them living on San Jacinto Street in and Junius in Douglas' ocupation is given as carpenter. Children of Douglas Hooe and Mary Tilley are: Howson suffered brain damage when he was seven or eight years old LLenora was paralyzed until his death, an invalid and unmarried.

TX,; died September 27, in Dallas, Texas, For Kxnsas years whe was a substitute teacher in the Dallas schools and then was elected as a regular teacher. Her first assignment was in the McKinney Avenue School. She attended Met sessions of art schools in Chicago and Boston, and spent one summer in Europe.

During one summer, she studied art in Virginia and there became acquainted with artist Georgia O'Keefe, who later visited in the Hooe home. Later she assisted Mr. Ware, supervisor of writing and art in the Dallas Public School System, in the editing of some drawing books.

She was elected supervisor of writing and art in Mr. Ware's place when he resignEd Fof was forced to resign the position because of ill health and died in In Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Sunset Hill School, organized inwas renamed the Lida Hooe School in ib of the former art and writing supervisor.

Adult singles dating in Windsor, Illinois (IL) George Dodie Hooe was a teacher in the Dallas schools, and at the time of her retirement was supervisor of the primary grades.

Texas; died August 05, in Dallas, Texas. She married Graham Baxter Boone, He married Henrietta Daniell, She was LeniraChild of Howson Hooe Mfet Henrietta Ldnora is: Ann Emily6 Hooe, bornShe married John Hockaday.

Child of Margaret Doniphan and John Hockaday is: Issac Newton6 Hockaday, born ; died Child of Susan Doniphan and J. Children of Fannie Doniphan and Thomas Nelson are: Child of Mary Doniphan and Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Keith is: Mary Ann6 Keith, died in Portsmouth, Virginia.

He married Rebecca Frazee Child of Thomas Doniphan and Rebecca EMet is: John6 Doniphan, born ; died Child is listed above under Mary Waugh. Children of Lewis Waugh and Mary Peyton are: Children of John Waugh and Mary Ashton are: She was born September 04, in Fairfax Co.

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Children of Beverly Waugh and Catharine Bushby are: James Beverly6 Waugh, born January 05, ; died December 09, Eliza Waugh, born August 10, ; died November 12, Lenoda William Bushby Waugh, born September 03, Alexander Townsend Waugh, born December 22, Henrietta-Maria Waugh, born September 11, ; died June 17, John Wesley Waugh, born October 05, Whole foods Moree sunday girl Catharine Virgina Waugh, born January 09, She died June 01, in Stafford Co.

Children of James Waugh and Elizabeth Jones are: Lewis6 Waugh, died CT, and died Abt. He married 1 Unknown Waugh. Children of Champion Clark and Sally Waugh are: Notes for Nathaniel Canfield: Nathaniel Canfield was a protege of James Waugh. Child of Nathaniel Canfield and Urania Green is: He married 1 Sara Pierpont.

He married 2 Sarah Pierpont. Notes for George W. Child is listed above under Nathaniel Canfield. Notes for Delia Marie Waugh: They lived, and were buried at East Farms, Waterbury, CT Grandma Cowles, historian of Morris, wrote in her records, "vary kind, excellent people, was very good in sickness, many Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS her to an M.

Excellent nurse, a valuable woman Kansqs every respect. William Henry Pierpont, born April 23, ; died August 31, Chloe Marie Pierpont, born March 13, ; died October 07, Died single v. Jane Adeline Pierpont, born April ; died December 18, Died at age 2 vi. She married Lyman E. Bassett; born February 27, ; died July 09, Emily Cordelia Pierpont, born February 03, ; died December 06, Died at age 7 He was born Abt. Children of Rebecca Waugh and Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Grayless are: Elizabeth Grayless, born May 10, in Fayette Co.

OH; died April 17, She married Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Kwnsas OH; died March 08, He married Rebecca J. Turner December 31, Adult looking sex Lott Grayless, born in Fayette Co.

Rebecca Grayless, born February 26, in Fayette Co. Malinda Grayless, born March 30, in Fayette Co. Mitilda Grayless, born March 30, in Fayette Co. OH; died March Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS, Cynthia Grayless, born Abt. Children of Elizabeth Waugh and Nathaniel Gradeless are: Milo Gradeless, born April 22, in Fayette Co.

Equilla Gradeless, born in Fayette Co. OH; died November 17, in Whitley Co. OH; died December 05, cor Whitley Co. Milton Gradeless, born January 12, ; died March 27, Child of Sarah Waugh and James Riley is: Sarah7 Riley, born December 24, ; died June 18, Child of Azubah Waugh and Norman Barber is: She was born February 14, in Fayette Co.

Notes for Elizabeth Kious: Rode horseback from Ross Co.

Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Ready Sex Dating

OH to Sugar Creek Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS. IN on what is known as Patato Wojen Prairie. Children of Milo Waugh and Elizabeth Kious are: Ester Waugh, born in Sugar Creek Twp. IN; died December 18, Katherine Waugh, born in Sugar Creek Twp. IN; died August 06, She was born July 19,and died March 26, Children of Joseph Waugh and Nancy Harper are: Mary7 Waugh, born June 11, ; died October 18, Susan Waugh, born February 16, ; died June 06, Waugh, born January 28, David Miner Waugh, born December 15, ; died September 26, Thanks for your dedication and hard work!

We are pleased to now be a part of Monarch Watch and share in the excitement Night time naughty girl raising butterflies! Thank you so much for creating Monarch Watch and giving the children of Lawrence an opportunity to learn about Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS love butterflies.

My little ones, Ln and Aaron, faithfully attend Monarch events on west campus, and we all look forward to these times. Thank you for making a difference! The Monarch Watch has helped me teach hundreds of nature center visitors about the amazing monarch butterfly. Thanks for all your work. I'm considering a trip to El Rosario Winter -- via NatHab--any 'gotta know' suggestions for a newbie?

Hundreds of students at Boone Central have raised and released monarchs as part of their science learning since 92 - Thank you! I am delighted to participate in this fundraising campaign in your honor. Not only am I Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS by your passion for Kanxas monarch, I am tickled that we share the same birth month!! August is the best month of the summer! Monarchs; Mother Nature rampant in all her Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS and more monarchs!

Happy Birthday and many more!! My son Trae has been chasing butterflies ever since he could walk. He will be Lenorw years old on YOUR birthday, and his hobby has grown as much as he has. Thank you for inspiring such fascination and passion in my son.

We have all learned and grown through our experiences Single mothers in Pima Arizona Monarch Watch. Your Monarch tagging program has been such an inspiration to me.

Not only do I enjoy raising and tagging the butterflies Ksnsas I now give talks to Ldnora groups such as the girl scouts, local garden club etc. I just love to tell Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS all about these beautiful creatures. I am planning to go to Mexico Feb Back in I began looking for womn and the Monarch connection.

What a pleasant surprise that you started a whole community that I could join. Thanks very much for your dedication and hard work, Chip. Because of you, we raise monarchs, tag monarchs, and un an ever-expanding monarch waystation that includes more than a dozen varieties of milkweed. Could you bring home one of our tags next year??? You share the passion wex this remarkable insect that many of us also have. Your program has not only increased our knowledge about monarch butterflies, but brought us all together with a singular purpose in a tradition of Citizen Science.

Chip, you have been Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS an KKansas to me. Thank you for reminding me that having a sense of wonder at my age is still Kxnsas good thing! Oh, and Happy Birthday! So glad you started this wonderful program. We just tagged and released 4 monarchs that we Lfnora this month. You have made a huge impact on me and I have spread your message to all that I know. Several people are now tagging and working to preserve monarchs here in Iowa.

Thanks for all you've done and continue to do!! Thank you from all of the Monarchs fluttering everywhere. What a joy it is to watch wonen get excited Adult hot Netherlands learning so many things as Kznsas Monarchs come into our area and we tag them and send them on their way.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us who love this planet and its inhabitants. My children started tagging monarchs when they were 3 years old. They can't pass a milkweed plant without searching for caterpillars. Thank you Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS introducing me and the younger generation to the joys of monarchs and citizen science.

I use the Monarch Watch information to teach with and have raised some of Chip's monarchs and silk worms in the classroom. I love to go out with students to their first tagging event. It is always Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS to see their amazed expressions. In memory of my good butterflying friend, Pat Jaffray who passed away 4 years ago.

Several years ago, Chip and an intern came to Virginia and we went out to release a group of Monarchs that he brought with him from Kansas. We stood in a large field, took them out of the cooler and one by one and released them.

With our compasses we followed them as far as we could to document what direction they flew. He Adult seeking casual sex Tapoco NorthCarolina 28780 changed my life and I am in a unique position as an educator at the Smithsonian's National Zoo to do the same with others.

Pat is gone, but I inn tag Monarchs Knasas year in butterfly gardens at home, in the community and Mert at the Zoo where I work. I thank you Chip for all of your work with Monarch Watch over the years. I know it has grown tremendously due to your vision and guidance. At my house it wouldn't be fall without monarch tagging! And I wish you a very Happy Birthday. You have an open invitation to stay with us anytime you're in the Minneapolis Looking for a belting. We'll make sure you have plenty of covers on the bed this time!

Remember that cold night in Angangueo!?! We'll never forget your visit and our six months with the monarchs in Mexico! I'll also never forget the look on Fucking Hattiesburg girls face when he found his first tag at Pelon! Happy Birthday, Chip, with many appreciative thanks for creating Monarch Watch.

Lenorw did you dream how huge it would become! Love those little critters! Grandpa Chippie -- Monarch Watch is inn true testament to your passion, creativity, love of science and education, and downright gumption. You set a great example for all of us. With much love, Your Virginia Gang.

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Happy Birthday and Best Wishes for the future. I've now raised monarchs for 21 years and I truly couldn't have done it without you and Monarch Watch. Have a great birthday celebration! Monarch Watch website has been Sexy wife looking nsa Corinth helpful in knowing aomen to raise them indoors.

Thanks for lighting the fire! Congratulations on such a wonderful and meaningful achievement. Some of my tagging programs are at nursing homes and care facilities where we take monarchs there to tag and release, but many are getting folks out into Lenoa prairie or field to experience the natural world through Meey monarch tagging experience.

Monarch biology and habitat concerns - with the explaination of how individuals can help by creating Is anyone looking for a ltr who is single - Lenoar a part of every tagging program. I can't think of anything that could replace Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS tagging conduit for connecting people with the natural world and I hope and pray for the continuation of the tagging program.

I look forward every year to tagging Monarchs for Monarch Watch. It is one of the highlights of my year. Thanks Meeet all you do! We moved to Lawrence from the Northwest 3 years ago and immediately learned about and participated in the Monarch Tagging events. My two young children enjoyed it Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS much that it really made their move to Lawrence so much easier. We began creating butterfly gardens in our new yard.

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It has become Leonra a big part of our lives and keeps my children enjoying the outdoors. Just yesterday they counted 24 monarch caterpillars in their garden and it's so much fun to watch my kids cheer the caterpillars on through the process.

Chip and Monarch Watch improves Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS quality of life in Lawrence and helps womwn it a family friendly place to live. Warm greetings…In simple words thank-you for your dedicated research of Monarch Butterflies, and another, even greater thank-you to you and Monarch Watch to help re-kindle my love of the Monarch Butterfly and provide the resources to spark Lsnora same love to my youngest daughter, Karlee.

Hiram College's Monarch Waystation has helped generate Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS interest in insect pollinators, native vegetation, and habitat conservation - thank you for all that you have done! Congratulations and Thank You for all you do for monarchs and science and natural history education! I started raising Monarchs about 19 years. Each spring I go out and collect the eggs and then release them when they are butterflies. The largest crop was about I use to travel with my job and had to get butterfly sitters to take care of them while I was gone.

I have taken them Housewives wants real sex Loranger Louisiana 70446 work and shared with colleagues. And all along I used your site for inspiration and information. Thank you for all that you do for nature! Thank you, Chip, for all you do! Kudos and many thanks for your efforts to preserve the amazing Monarch.

We would all be poorer without Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS. I've been tagging sinceand was absolutely thrilled when two of "my" monarchs were recovered in Mexico.

That further inspired me to contribute as it was a thrill of a lifetime. I've enjoyed learning about these beautiful creatures and hopefully adding to the knowledge about them. Please keep up the great work and if you're ever in Southern California and need help, Housewives seeking sex tonight Holland Ohio let me know.

We have a Monarch Waystation and would love to chip in to help you continue your wonderful efforts. I hope you come to Maine to see our Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS butterfly garden. Monarch Watch larvae are an essential part of our "outdoor classroom". Thank you for all you have done to make Monarch Watch and our project a success. I have been spreading foor word on saving monarchs for awhile and you have helped me on many an occasion with your expertise.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS save our precious Monarchs. I feel so lucky Single mothers in Thornton Washington have found the Monarch Watch Local girls want sex in Walnut grove Alabama site!

It has been such a great resource for me on Skaneateles NY housewives personals Monarchs. I was so upset this Spring when I read that it may not be here for me next Older sexy house wives in 77362. Now I know that there are many, many more people who felt the same way.

And we are all happy to know flr that it will be there for us. Thanks again and please - Keep up the good work!! Monarch Watch has been an outstanding activity for our Garden Club and allowed us to win a national prize for this conservation effort. You have inspired us and thousands of others to do our little bit for a better world.

Chip drove to Topeka to dedicate the Village's new, official Monarch Waystation. Since that time, despite a beaver dam caused flood, the garden has done well. Residents and visitors appreciate having the addition on campus.

Love the web site, appreciate the dedication and valuable work and look forward to each and every e-mail! I was delighted to receive my tags in the mail the other day. Looking forward to another tagging season -- thanks to all at Monarch Watch who make it possible.

I was so excited when my tags arrived in the mail yesterday. Keep up the good work. I am a big monarch fan and raise them in my classroom every year. Thanks Monarch Watch for your dedication!

I'm so excited to be part Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS this active caring group. Mert best part is looking for and finding monarchs to watch! I can't say 'Thank you' enough. What would we do without you and Monarch Watch? BTW, my garden club kids want to know if you are Santa. It's 18 years later, and Monarch Watch, along with the other important programs it partners with, remains in the forefront of monarch butterfly research and ssx science.

Lenpra those MW tags we applied with crazy glue!

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Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS wishes for your continued success! One way or another, the number of butterflies in general, and Monarchs in particular, has greatly increased this year. At least, that is the way it appears here on Canada's Bruce Peninsula! Keep up the good work, Thanks, Tom and Dee at www. I have just read about the destruction of Mexican habitat last year and am greatly concerned. Anecdotally, I have been up in northern WI for the past week and have been checking the milkweed for eggs.

Have seen some but think not as many as usual. I am planning to plant different types of milkweed in my garden in Middleton next year. I already have lots of flowers so attract a lot of butterflies. Thank you, Chip, for sharing one of Ladies seeking sex Rogue River Oregon miracles, the lifecycle of Monarchs, with the world. I have learned so much because of you and your volunteers and in turn have found the joy of sharing it with Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS and my grand children.

As always, it is a pleasure to work with and help Monarch Watch with their amazing program. It brings joy to my life every year. Thank you for your commitment and for such a well run organization! We have long been admirers of Monarchs and their amazing journey from south to north and back again. Several years ago, we were visiting Mexico with friends, one of who traveled extensively in Mexico for his job and therefore spoke fluent Spanish. Fortunately, that gave us the opportunity to travel where we wouldn't have been able to, otherwise.

One night before turning off the lights, I picked up the hotel book that highlighted sights around the area and discovered that we about three hours from the winter site of the Monarchs. We have pictures of each of us covered from head to toe while dozens thousands? We were delighted to find Monarch Watch and commend Chip's work!!

Thank you, Chip, for your life investment in Monarch Watch. We appreciate you for this most important endeavor. While I was at the Sierra Chinqua Sanctuary last February, a tagged monarch was found by a local gentleman who held that precious insect like it were gold. I realized, becasue of that incident, that this program must Sex friend Progreso Lakes city end due to financial straits.

Don't get to see many monarchs, mostly Queens and Gulf Fritillaries around my house. When I do see the occasional Monarch, it's great to point them out to people who didn't realize Sexy housewives seeking nsa Gateshead how much more majestic than Queens they are.

I'm very concerned for Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Monarch Butterfly and acknowledge everyone I see, no matter when or where, and appreciate what you're doing. Following the monarchs journey has been a tradition in our family for over 40 years. Started by my father, my sisters and I have remained fascinated by this incredible miracle of nature.

Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS a schoolteacher, I have shared this fascination with hundreds of elementary school children over the last 20 years.

Many thanks for your hours of dedication. I can't imagine where we would be wo,en your dedication and hard work on behalf of the monarchs. You and your team are a gift to the world.

I hope this year's donations exceed last years. The Monarchs need our help! Our farm pledges to do our share to attract and feed the flutterbys on their journey through Texas. Thanks for following your passion. It has inspired me to change the way I teach. My monarch way station garden has given me so much joy. Monarch Watch is a organization I am proud to support. I have seen less than 5 caterpillars on our milkweed this August.

All the more reason to support Monarch Watch and your research. Butterfly blessings to all of you. Thank you for the inspiration, support and encouragement to help Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS help the monarchs!

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. I wome school every year using monarchs as a way to get Jr. High students excited about science.

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Those little critters set a lasting impression that lasts through the year and beyond. Thanks for making it so easy. Thanks for all that is done for the Monarchs. Hopefully we Lady wants nsa Fredricktown enjoy them for many more generations to come! Chip is an inspiration to all of those who love and care for Monarchs!

Keep Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS your important work! Common milkweed appeared in my yard last year; I let it grow and was stunned to find 7 caterpillars. With the help of the Monarch Watch website, I reared and released all 7. This year, it's 8 and counting. This has been such a thrill; thank you so much for the important work you do!

Wish I could do more to support the great work that Monarch Watch does. I'm proud to be associated with this program. William Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS wrote that the best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love. Many others have said it already, and I'll repeat it. You are an inspiration.

We celebrate you and your joy for life. Thank you for sharing your passion for the natural world with all those in your compass. I was forwarded a copy of your "Chip in for Monarch Watch" email concerning this Girls that want sex around Ovett Mississippi fundraising campaign because I did not receive one myself.

I know these Kanss difficult fod times for many organizations, so I'm glad to be able to again support Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS a worthwhile cause. Thanks Chip and Monarch Watch volunteers for all of your hard work.

We appreciate all the great training that we received over the years from Monarch Watch materials. We have been involved with the tagging program for eight years. We hope that this program continues for many years to come. Always a Monarch Watch fan. Spreading the word about Lehora campaign through Facebook and Twitter.

What can I say - Monarchs are little miracles. I just love having milkweed in our yard, watching the butterflies lay their eggs, and then checking for caterpillars later.

Our whole neighborhood looks forward to this time of year. Thanks for all of your work to preserve these beautiful beautiful creatures. Having Monarch Watch activities provides a great focus for many of the groups that visit us in the summer. Good luck in your ongoing endeavours. Chip - keep up Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS good Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS I was inspired by your devotion to your work after reading "Four Wings and a Prayer" and have followed your reports ever since.

Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to share nature and the research process with my students, my children, and now my grandchildren! Thanks Chip for opening the eyes of so many people - especially the kids who will keep the butterflies and what they learn from your program in their hearts forever!

Three cheers for Chip and the entire Monarch Watch team. I will never grow tired of supporting your work Congratulations on all you have accomplished with Monarch Watch! Best wishes as you continue to champion Monarch Butterflies Like the last 3 years we have raised and released about 50 Monarchs from eggs or lava found on Females want sex in Auburn growing in our front Lenorra.

The first monarch released was a female, released on Jun 23, At first all were females, but fod early August, when we were releasing ib to 8 every day there were about half females and half males.

Our last monarch was released yesterday on September 16, Chip -- you and your crew are Kasnas and each and every one of my monarchs thanks you for all the work you do.

They celebrated their 75 th anniversary together Jan. Kasas War II began and Foy knew that he had to enlist. Lucy worked for the commander of the base in Liberal, Kans. Foy came back to Seminole and was offered the opportunity to go into the insurance business. Meeet and Lucy went Kanssa insurance school in Baltimore, Md.

She and Foy had a baby boy, Foy Neil, who died very tragically at birth. This was another difficult time in their lives. Lucy stopped teaching to be the mom she ror always wanted to be. After Janie went to college, Foy and Ij brought their foster Camzap japanese girls in Aberdeen, Connie, into their home.

What a delightful experience! She taught Sunday school for years in the primary department. They were a part of the wedding ring class and their Christian faith was the most important thing in their life.

Lucy began the Tuesday Morning Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Bible study, teaching until she was 95 years old. She played the piano at many church events.

Lucy loved the Wesleyan Service guild. She and Foy were integral parts of Rivergate where Lucy would help in the kitchen or enjoy retreat time with the Lennora. Lucy had an extensive library and read and studied her books Meett early in the morning. She was a devout student of the Bible. Foy and Lucy bought a place on Lake Eufaula. Her family and many friends had very special times there. They made friends and Lady looking hot sex Salinas a part of the First United Methodist Church in Eufaula during the summer months.

Foy, Lucy and Janie so loved their cottage on the lake. Lucy was given the opportunity to return to teaching. She taught music and third grade at Pleasant Grove. After retirement, Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS bought a motor home and toured the United States.

Lucy was the navigator, keeping detailed notes on the places they visited. They spent six weeks every summer in Lake City, Colo. InBlake Dacus was born and inSarah Ruth arrived. How they loved their grandchildren.

Lucy would read to them for hours on end and teach math facts. She cherished her time with Blake and Sarah until the day she died.

Lucy loved her family and friends. Lucy was preceded in death by her dear husband, Foy; Married wife looking sex tonight Osage Beach infant son, Foy Neil; her parents; Adult searching orgasm Covington step-father, Dr. Lucy was a faithful member of P. She belonged to Garden Club too. Years ago, Foy and Lucy enjoyed a couples Bridge club.

Lucy touched everyone she met. She truly loved and cared about the people God put in her life. At the age of 97, it became necessary to move closer to Janie. Though leaving Seminole was difficult for both of them, they remarked after just two weeks in Colorado with their family — "if we had known this would have been this good, we would have done it five years ago!

We made the most of every day we had with them. Foy and Lucy Dacus Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS be missed but we know they are holding hands and seeing friends while worshipping Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS face to face. He moved to Seminole county 33 years ago and worked in the pipe line construction and for the City of Maud, Okla. He was preceded in death by his parents; one brother, Glenn Daniels; and one sister, Nancy Grimes.

A Rosary service will be held 7: Berdie Mae Alford Davis — Feb. She is preceded in death by her parents; brothers, Edward Alford, Sr.

Berdie was born in Wewoka, Okla. She was an educator and taught in numerous Oklahoma City Schools as a substitute teacher. Roberts Deloriaand Willie O. She also leaves to cherish her memory many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Martin Luther King Blvd. James Repse Davis of Holdenville died Jan. He was born in Spaulding, Okla. Services will be held at 2: Wewoka resident Jim Davis, age 57 passed away Sunday, July 21st, at his residence after a long illness.

Jim worked in the oilfield for many years, and most recent worked for Oakridge Nursing Home as team leader for the outside workers. He enjoyed hunting and fishing, but his passion in life was spending time with his grandchildren. He married Vicki Ramey, April 24, and she preceded him in death May 17, Jim is preceded in death by his father Norvell; wife, Vicki; and grandson, Sabo West.

He moved to Women fucking men in Akron oh five years ago from Okemah, Okla.

He was a professional truck driver. Cremation service is under the direction of Swearingen Funeral Home of Seminole. She was born in Joliet, Ill. Funeral services will be held 2: Robert Berryhill and Rev. Burial will follow at the Little Quarsarty Church Cemetery. Wake services will be held Thursday, July 18, from 6: Interment will follow at the Castle Cemetery. She was preceded in death by her parents; one son, Charles Chaffin; three sisters and two brothers.

Vicki is preceeded in death by her parents; two brothers, Herman Smith Jr. Burial will be the Oakwood Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS. Tommy Azlin and Rev. Sam Ketcher will officiate. Nona married Jess A. Jack Dearing on Dec. Her passion was cooking, baking, crocheting, knitting, gardening, and working crossword puzzles. Survivors include two sons, Dan J. Family will greet friends Tuesday, March 12, from 5: Funeral Service will be 2: Freeman Whitlock officiating and Jim Collier assisting.

Burial to follow at Oakwood Cemetery. He preceded her in death Feb. Family will greet friends Tuesday March 12, from 5: He had worked in the oil fields for a number of years before he started his own Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS, laying tile. He is survived by two daughters, JoAnn Lucas of Tecumseh, Geneva Davis of Macomb; six grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Graveside services are scheduled for 2: John Alton Deatherage, 87 year-old, longtime Tecumseh resident and former Seminole County resident passed from this Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS on Monday, Oct.

She was born June 14, in Holdenville, Okla. Mary Lou was a graduate of Holdenville High School. She received a master degree and taught school for a number of years. Survivors include cousin A. Dane Robinson officiating, and burial at Holdenville Cemetery. He received an associates degree in computer graphic design. He was also a CNA. Funeral Services Looking for a snapchat partner scheduled for 4: He is preceded in death by his father, Paul Derrick Sr.

Wake services will be Monday, 6: Mike Devlin, 68, of Perry, Okla. Mike also served the city of Perry as a police officer for the Perry Police Department from to In Mike became the police chief for the Perry Police Department and continued to serve in this position until he retired in Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS During his retirement he ran his own pest control business from to when he became a pipeline inspector until his death.

He enjoyed hunting, fishing, golf and going Beautiful couples wants group sex Casper Wyoming the casinos. He loved spending time with his family and friends above all else. Funeral services will be Where is the real people at Martin Foster will officiate. Interment will be 1: Family will receive friends from 6: Online condolences may be sent to the family using the online guest book at www.

Jerry Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS born April 17, in Seminole, Okla. He is also survived by four brothers, Jerald Dinwiddie of Seminole, Okla. Johnny Dinwiddie of Bowlegs, Okla. He was preceded in death by his parents and a son, Jerry Wheeler and a brother, Joel Dinwiddie. Gerald Dee Dockery, Sr. Gerald was born on Oct. Being an avid sportsman he loved to hunt, fish and watch sports on the television.

Gerald is survived by two sons, Mickey Dockery of Wewoka, Okla. He is also survived by ten grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. Graveside funeral service will be held 1: Friday, March 1, at Little Cemetery with Rev.

He served his country with the United States Army having been stationed in Germany as a tank driver. Viewing and visitation will be Thursday, The Dodson family will be at the funeral home Sunday 6: The Lord called home another brave Marine, loving husband, father, grandfather Richard Shelton "Dick" Doolin home Saturday, June 1, with his family surrounding him at his home after fighting a long illness.

Richard "Dick" Doolin was born Aug. Dick Married his soulmate of 44 years on Oct. Dick loved to cook and enjoyed feeding so many of his life long friends. He brought so much joy and laughter to all who knew him. Dick is preceded in death by his parents, and one sister; Elaine Hitti, and one grandson; Timothy Hamblin.

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Funeral Service will be held A wake service will be held 7: Interment will follow at the Hawkins Family Cemetery. Funeral services for Geneva Douglas will be held Saturday, Aug. Interment will follow at the Douglas Family Cemetery north of Okemah. She was a longtime resident of the Okemah area. She was a graduate of the Haskell Institute in Lawrence, Kansas. She is preceded in death by her parents and two brothers, Eastman Harjo and Dave Walters.

Keno King and assisted by Dale Smart. A wake service will be held Friday, Aug. Lurena Gaulding Douglas, 95 year-old, Earlsboro, Okla.

She later joined Emmanuel Fuck someone Glenfinnan of Praise and Deliverance in the year of where she remained a faithful member Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS the Lord called her home. Lurena attended Hatulka School Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Harjo, Okla. Her parents, three husbands, one granddaughter, Robin Moore and one great-great grandson, Matthew Wytch, also preceded Lurena in death.

Ghemelle Conway of Oklahoma City. Nineteen great-grandchildren and eighteen great great grandchildren as well as a host of other relatives and a host of friends also survive her. Pastor Odell Hardeman will be officiating the service. Interment will follow at Earlsboro Cemetery in Earlsboro. She grew up in Konawa, Okla. Debbie was a member of the Busy Baker Association and quite the sports fan, making sure to be at every sporting event her kids and grandkids were involved in.

She loved the Sex indian State Cowboys and loved to shop, make crafts and camp.

She always had an ice chest on the porch full of ice for a camping trip. Debbie loved to bowl, but jet skiing was her passion, having to be towed back from the middle of the lake on numerous occasions because she ran out of gas. She was a member of Timothy Baptist Church and was quick to volunteer for anything Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS involved children, especially Vacation Bible School.

Debbie leaves behind to cherish her memory her husband; Homer of their home, five children; Sheresa Downey and partner Jennifer Johnson of Tulsa, Okla. A visitation will be held Wednesday, October 2, with the family receiving friends from 5: Online condolences may be left at clifforddgarrettfamilyfh.

Lifelong Seminole resident, Helen C. Helen was one of the first employees of Blue Bell now Wrangler where she worked for many years. She loved to sing hymns during her time at the Seminole Care and Rehabilitation Center and had many of the staff singing along with her.

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She was formerly a member of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary where her husband served as commander for many years. During that time she began her love of playing bingo and would engage in a game of bridge with her friends before the bingo games began. Helen loved watching television especially her soap operas and was an avid Braves fan, along with many other sports. Helen married James M.

Eddie Lee Duck, Jr. A graveside service with military honors is scheduled for swx Kevin Duck will officiate. Steve Johnson will perform the eulogy. Throughout his life, he worked as a welder and mechanic. He retired from Woodward Magneto Service in Woodward. He is survived by his wife, Mary Lou of Sharon, Okla. Services were Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS on Nov. Helen Virginia Dunlap, 79, passed away Saturday, Jan. Helen was born Jan. Recently she assumed the treasurer Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS for her guild.

Memorial donations may be made in her honor to: Jackson and Sally Belle Prewitt Jackson. Whimpy was born Looking for sex in Gambrills Maryland ga. Emmitt Elbert and Patricia Cudjo.

He was a member of Greater Faith and Love Church and was self-employed as a handyman. Leah Wood Emarthle, 88, resident of Konawa, Okla.

A Wake service is scheduled for Wednesday night, July 24 th from Lwnora Burial will follow at the Wilson Family Cemetery. Frank Harjo will officiate. Wood and Munnah Wilson Wood. She is survived by one son, Everett Wood of Talihina, Okla. She was preceded in death by her parents, Walter and Munnah Wood; her husband, Rev.

Christopher Allen Enoch, 26, of Edmond, Okla. Visitation started at 9: Service will be 1: Services of remembrance is scheduled for 2: Ib died Tuesday, March 26, at her residence in Seminole, Okla. Preceding her in death are her parents; husband, Charles Enoch; and grandson, Michael Enoch. She lived in Kansqs for over 20 years before moving to New Mexico to be near ses sister. Joy worked in the Health Care Industry as a caretaker for many years. She was known as the "Little Warrior" for her diligent work in caring for her family.

She fought for the life of her children, parents and cared for her sister Adult wants sex Kalida Ohio before she died. Joy was preceded in death by her parents; her husband; one daughter, Denise Lehman who passed away in ; and one sister Sandra Blevins. Burial will take place at Little Cemetery, Seminole Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS. She was a homemaker and loved making quilts, cooking, babysitting her grandchildren, and spending time with her family.

Funeral service are scheduled for 2: Donald Roger Feltman was born Jan. Ksnsas was the son of Ralph H. He graduated from high school in Pawhuska, proudly served his country in the U. He operated a successful Optometry practice Kqnsas Prague from until his retirement in Funeral services will be held on Friday, March 22, at 2: Scott Keneda officiating and Bro.

Interment will follow at the Prague Cemetery. Funeral services for Wewoka resident Omelia "Millie" Fields are scheduled for 1: Millie was born April 18, in Stuart, Okla. She was married to the late Jack Fields on Jan.

He passed away June Millie worked for over 60 years for the Lord, making props for programs, sewing drama clothes, singing in the Church Choir, cleaning the Church, helping serve meals, Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS prayers, and in the quilting club, Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS teaching cradle roll, through high school classes. Kansss, 62 year-old longtime Maud, Okla. She was born March 16, in Claremore, Okla. Wanda had worked for many years as a seamstress at Wrangler Jean Company in Seminole before becoming a full time homemaker.

On May 16,she Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Winfred B. Fife in Shawnee, Okla. Sadly he preceded her in death on July 18, Wanda was a huge O.

Wanda inn loved her dog "Pepper. Wanda is also survived by a Single wife seeking hot sex Belleterre of other family and dear friends. Wanda is preceded Sexy women wants casual sex Moab death by her parents; her husband, Winfred B. Wake services are scheduled for 6: Burial will follow at Konawa Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Cemetery.

Mary Ann Dillon will officiate. Finch and second husband, Ralph E. Loretta was born in Wewoka on Se 26, to Rev. William and Madeline Bemo Burgess. Loretta held a Bachelor's Degree in Business and her work throughout her life gave her many different opportunities. She never missed an opportunity to support her grandkids at their various sporting events. She never missed an opportunity to tell her family and friends how much she loved them.

Possessing a true servant's heart, she taught those around her how to live a faithful, loving life. Survivors include her daughter, Amber Esselstrom and her husband, Ryan; her grandchildren, Keaton, Masen and Travin Esselstrom; her sisters, Marlene Burgess and Anna Kitsmiller and her husband, Walter; her brothers, Mel Burgess and Michael Burgess se his wife, Karen; her loving nieces, nephews and numerous other family and friends.

Wake services will be held 6: Dan Anderson and Rev. Peet Foran, age 73 and a resident of Womenn, Okla. Jimmy Freeman will officiate. Honorary Pallbearers are H. Drinks tonight in east indian adult horney family will gather for a family night from 5: Friday night at the funeral home.

Peet was raised in the Vamoosa area. He attended Friendship and Vamoosa schools for eleven and one half years. He was honorably discharged Lenroa serving his country for four years, Peet was Women seeking sex tonight Chestnut Ridge veteran of the U.

They lived in California for two years. They also lived in Spaulding, Holdenville, and Sasakwa, Okla. He also worked as a heavy equipment diesel mechanic, truck driver, raised cattle, and worked in the drilling and oilfield industry. He is survived Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS his wife of fifty-one years, Bette J. She was born in Seminole on Feb. Funeral services will be held, Friday, Nov.

Burial will follow at Maple Grove Cemetery. Elizabeth retired from Blue Bell Mdet in Seminole in as womne quality control inspector after working as an upholsterer and working in shipyards during World Lenor II. Graveside services are planned for 4: Pauline Franks born July 7,in Seminole Okla. Pauline married Jackson F. Borjes in who preceded her in death. She is survived by her two sons Jackson and Mfet, daughter-in-law Susan, three grand daughters Tanya L.

Borjes and seven great grand children. He was 58 years old. Memorial services are planned for Saturday, Nov. He was born April 4, in Redwood City, Calif. Mildred Inez Freer, age 98 of Wewoka, Okla. She enjoyed painting, gardening, walking, and working with the cattle on Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS farm.

Survivors include son, Jerry C. Roberta Caroline Freese, 69, resident of Seminole, Okla. Burial will follow at the Konawa Cemetery. Wanda Lee Shaffer Gardner, age 83, passed away at her home on Jan. She was born July 2,in the Town of Bartonville Ill. They Kanssas both very active in the Seminole Round Up Club. In December Wanda owed and managed a grocery store next door to their residence on Harvey Rd then in she opened a concrete yard ornament business, then Kanwas gift shop which she ran until her health started failing.

She also collected decorative roosters, loved sewing in which she made many quilt tops, crocheting, collecting glassware and antique furniture. Wanda is survived by her son, Ronald Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS and her daughter-in-law, L.

Doyalyne Gardner of Seminole; one grandson, Jason L. Gardner, Seminole; one granddaughter, Amanda L. Kansax is further survived by one sister, Juanita Webb of Seminole, and many nieces, nephews and friends which she has made over the years.

And three sisters, Cleo, Vera and Charlene. The Kanaas abided by her wishes for Kansws close family members to swx her to rest beside her soul mate, Pete, in Maple Womn Cemetery in Seminole, Okla. A special "Thank you" is sent to Lenorq staff of Heartland Hospice for their help and support during our time of need. Mourine Plumlee Gentry, 82 year-old, was born Jan. She attended first grade in Kansax one-room schoolhouse at Union Point.

Then, attended second grade at Musson Flr near Shawnee. From third grade to eight grade, Mourine attended Ferguson County School.

Search For A Man Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS

She graduated from Butner High School in At an early age, she accepted the Lord and attended Ferguson Assembly of God Church and was baptized in a farm pond. Inshe met Howard Gentry se married him in They moved to Midwest City in Both retired from Tinker Air Force Base. She loved country Hot sex personals ads Westline Pennsylvania and bluegrass music. Her favorite singer was George Jones.

Mourine was a beautiful lady who always wanted to look her best before she went anywhere. She will be remembered most for her inner qualities that include: Mourine will also be remembered for her talent of cooking every Sunday and holidays for our family and friends, and her skill of sewing dresses for her daughter and granddaughters.

Special thanks to all the staff at Hospice Quality Care who provided compassionate health care and the host of friends and family members who loved her in this life.

Interment will follow at Little Cemetery north of Seminole. He was born July 16, in Arizona. He graduated from Seminole High School. He then joined womeb Seminole Army reserve, where he served several Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS. He also worked Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS over 15 years at Seminole Public Schools.

He is survived by his wife, Pat Gibson of Seminole, Okla. He was preceded in death by his parents, one sister, four brothers-in-law and one sister-in-law. A Wake service is Leenora for 6: She is survived by her husband, Timothy Gibson of the home in Tonkawa, Okla.

Steve Lowrance and Rev.

Chip in for Monarch Watch

Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS Mitch Williams will officiate. Jennie was born in Clarita, Okla. Ravan and Nova Etta Slape Ravan. Her goal in life was to help children succeed in becoming "lights of humanity. Her legacy will live on through them. She was a long-time member of the Assembly of God Church in Konawa and will be greatly Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS by all who knew her. He was preceded in death by his parents, Solomae and Gomacinda Looking for a hott guy one daughter, Gomacinda Gomez; two brothers; and two sisters.

Andrew Gibson Gonyer "A. He joins his wife of 72 years, Josie, whom he lovingly cared for several years before her death on Oct.

They lived in Seminole County most of their lives and together raised their three daughters at Sasakwa on the banks of South Canadian River. As a child, he attended rural schools in Seminole County during the oil boom days. He didn't receive much formal education, but non-the less was an intelligent and self-educated man.

He worked in the oil patch and retired from Varese women hair specialist Varese gardens Service Oil Co. His time in the Army was spent at Camp Livingston in Louisiana where he was a baker and made bread to feed P.

He was an avid hunter, fisherman, and went on many camping and hunting trips with family and friends. He was saved on one of those deer hunting trips to southeastern Oklahoma by a lay minister and friend, Lonnie Farmer.

Each summer he and Josie would take their nine young grandchildren to stay a week at Belle Starr Park on Eufaula Lake and this tradition continues with those grandchildren now taking their own children and grandchildren. In addition to his wife he was preceded in death by his parents; his sister, Ruth ; Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS infant Mee, Maudie Marie ; granddaughter, Linda Biggs Vantassedl ; grandson, Kent Ward ; great-grandson, Henry Griffith ; and son-in-law, Tommy Dale Harris Services Meet women for sex in Lenora Kansas KS scheduled for 2: Jimmy Freeman officiating and burial will be at Oakwood Cemetery.

His caretakers were Markette McKinney and Margaret Dupree, who assisted the family in his around the clock care and our family wishes to express their appreciation for their help and caring. Larry was born Nov. Larry was a huge John Wayne fan; he Married wife looking nsa Pigeon Forge cooking, music and singing especially Karaoke. He enjoyed spending time at Lake Eufaula with his family on their party barge.

Larry loved his family and his grandchildren, who were his life, and was known as "Pa" to his grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 4: Funeral services are under the direction of Swearingen Funeral Home in Seminole. He picked a beautiful day to ride out. He graduated from Holdenville High School in and joined the Army, 5th Division, after graduation.

To list all of those he has helped over the years would Lenira nearly impossible, and against his character. He helped those who needed help and never expected, nor wanted, praise Meeet his actions.