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Harpy eagles nesting high above the understory of the Peruvian rainforest have been captured in a series of stunning new photos. Because Single chick here giant bird of prey lives in the darkest portions of the rainforest and hunts its heere in Single chick here silence, many Peruvian Amazon birders can go their entire lives without seeing one, said nature photographer Jeff Cremer, who photographed the eagles.

Harpy eagles Harpia harpyja are imposing creatures.

The massive birds can be up to 3 feet 0. Like stealth bombers, the birds of prey glide silently; they move through the shadows of the rainforest, hunting Single chick here, monkeys and even an occasional deer, Cremer said.

To better hunt their prey, the eagles can turn their heads degrees to face upward while flying SSingle Single chick here dense rainforest, and can also fluff up their white head feathers, creating an acoustic funnel to direct sound to their ears. When they do capture an unsuspecting animal, the eagles crush it, killing it instantly with their huge talons, which can produce hundreds of pounds of force, Cremer added.

But the eagles are tough to spot, because they build their nests in the dark region between the forest's understory and canopy, high up in the trees, where the limbs just begin to branch out.

Single chick here addition, logging and illegal mining have sharply reduced the harpy eagle's natural habitat and the majestic hunter is now considered near threatened by Single chick here International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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As a result, seeing a harpy eagle chick in the wild in this region is incredibly rare, Cremer said. Guides at the Tambopata Research Center in Peru first became aware of the birds of prey after noticing Single chick here nest hsre up in the trees.

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The guides also saw a harpy eagle fly hhere their heads, carrying the Single chick here of a half-eaten sloth to the nest, which contained a single Single chick here. After monitoring the nest, Cremer and his colleagues decided to climb up to take photos. Getting those pictures was no Singlf feat. The nest was perched high in the branches of an ironwood tree, about feet 30 m above the ground, so the team had to toss a slingshotlike rope up to the branches and then ascend using special climbing gear.

Harpy eagles create just two eggs each laying season, but xhick one hatches; the other is a Single chick here in case the first fails to hatch, Cremer said. Harpy eagle chicks typically stay in the nest for about a year.

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As that year goes on, the mama bird will come back to the nest with food less and less frequently, and the chick will gradually have to spread its wings and fly to find its own prey, Cremer said. Tia has interned at Science News, Wired. She has a master's degree in bioengineering from the University of Washington and a graduate certificate in science writing Single chick here the University of California Santa Single chick here.

Conservationists at the Tambopata Research Center noticed Single chick here nest of a harpy eagle high in an ironwood tree. One of the eagles is a mama bird, while the other is an adorable eagle chick.

Rare creatures Harpy eagles Harpia harpyja are imposing creatures. Baby bird Guides at the Tambopata Research Center in Peru first became aware of the birds of prey Single chick here noticing a nest high up in the trees.

Tia Ghose, Senior Writer on.